Insanity is just a Love Story without Dialogue  

sooolongsuckers 40M
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8/31/2006 12:51 pm

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9/3/2006 1:17 pm

Insanity is just a Love Story without Dialogue

I thought I saw something in her that other people couldn't.
I thought I had something to offer her that no one else could.
I thought I loved her for all the right reasons.

I thought I could see the best part of me in her.
I thought I loved the truest part of her.
I thought if I could only express the things that were so hard to express, that everything would make perfect sense to her.
I thought I would do anything to prove my love is true.
I thought if someone could make it feel the way it does to try this hard, than I could do no wrong.
I thought I could give her the world.
Now I have nothing.
I thought I would never run out of things to say to her.
Now there's nothing I can say.

Maybe I think too much.

sassybelle21 32F
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8/31/2006 2:19 pm

And I think too much too

Stefka_ 47F

9/2/2006 10:45 am

Maybe I think too much.

Anything is possible!

florallei 99F

9/2/2006 9:29 pm

I remember thinking this way with my ex husband...If I could only do more and surely he would be kind and loving to me then I realized it wasn't me, it was him who couldn't...we can't make anyone love or stay or like or give anything they are incapable of doing. It is a hard and humbling lesson.


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