Heavy Metal is Dead!!!  

sooolongsuckers 40M
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8/31/2006 2:51 pm

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9/4/2006 5:58 pm

Heavy Metal is Dead!!!

OR IS IT????

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sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 2:53 pm

Yes it is.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 3:10 pm

But is it really dead? Maybe not.

The other day as was laying in my new home, (I moved out of the thorn bush. The landlord was a dick.) on the grass, I ran through a whole lot of emotions.

I had made such a fool of myself in the past month trying to tell Daisy Earthshaker what I felt. I was unable to tell her what I felt seven years ago, and when I saw her again for the first time, I kinda panicked and tried to tell her everything at once, when I should have been more cool about things.

Once I originally told her, I got back a response saying that her evil boyfriend wouldn't let me speak to her in person. Well, not exactly in those words. I guess he's only evil to me. To her, he's probably everything in the world, but I still have no way of knowing that for sure.

I really wish I had been smarter about things, in retrospect, because setting myself up so I can't even talk to her means I have no real way of dealing with these feelings.


As I was laying there looking up at the sky, thinking about what an idiot she must think I am for acting so stupidly, there were certain emotions which can only be expressed with heavy power chords and guitar squeels.

It's like when you got this love inside you that you have no way to put it where you want to put it, heavy metal seems to be the only answer.

I'm not saying I'm not still gonna , I'm just gonna heavier.

It's kinda like how bands like Rage against the machine, limp bizkit, and Kid rock mix rock and , only I'm going to do it a little differently.

A little heavier, maybe a little more melodic.
I can't really explain it with words.

I even came up with a band name yesterday, which seemed to carry a certain dgree of meaning for me, in which I hope I will find band mates who can relate to the same meaning.

Are you ready for this?
As soon as I can afford to sit on a chair, I am going to work at starting a band called....

"One More Gun"

Bah! Probably doesn't really stand out much, but it has meaning to me.

It kinda denotes a final act of war, and my whole thing I have been doing has been to create peace through my war efforts.

I mean, ya just gotta channel that energy, ya know?

No! Of course you don't.

Anyways, I don't know if it's possible to be any lower in life in my country than I am right now, so I've got a long climb up!

But what thhell else am I gonna do, now?

Stefka_ 47F

8/31/2006 5:06 pm

Are you the only one asking these questions and replying to them?!

Even if it's not dead, it sure smells putrid...

Love your work.


sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 6:55 pm

Nice to meet you S. What a wonderful person you must be. I'll be sure to do a song about you.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:00 pm

I just realized how my earlier comment sounds. Saying I made a fool of myself and all. Yeah, maybe I did. But I probably didn't explain what led up to the heavy metal. Good emotions, man. Good emotions.
Bah! No way to make you understand me here.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:03 pm

I explained everything wrong. It's like, yeah she probably thinks I'm an idiot, see, but it's still possible to prove that I ain't, see.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:03 pm

You'll see.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:20 pm

Not that I have anything to prove to her or anything.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:25 pm

Saying she thinks I'm an idiot is an exaggeration, anyways. I'm just being hard on myself. She's not the kind of person to hold anything against me. She's an awesome person. She wouldn't want to hurt ANYONE's feelings, and I know this. She has a boyfriend, and I rambled on a whole lot of things about me liking her. What else is she SUPPOSED to do.

This music is about me, more than her.

Ya frickin, MORONS!!!!!
Yeah, that oughta sell a few records!!
Heh! Heh!

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:26 pm

And no, I'm not the only one answering these comments.

sooolongsuckers 40M

8/31/2006 7:27 pm


rm_BOSS_99_1 67M
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8/31/2006 7:30 pm


(Whoever I am)

Eddie5011 42M

9/1/2006 1:47 am

Metal is alive and kicking the shit out of all other breeds of music! Bow and give praise.

sooolongsuckers 40M

9/1/2006 10:55 am

Take THAT all other breeds of music!!

Stefka_ 47F

9/2/2006 10:40 am

sooolongsuckers - for the most part, you WERE talking to yourself... but looks like you found a fan club!

Well, I get what you mean. You feel stupid. Such is life... let me tell you are secret... there's more to come... *maniacle laugh*

sooolongsuckers 40M

9/2/2006 1:48 pm

A heh aheh heeh huuuh?

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