March 13  

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March 13

Today is our last full day in Paradise. We got up fairly early and joined Paul and Rhonda for coffee in their room. They’re in #1, which is a King room. Their patio is more than twice the size of ours and since it’s on the end of the building, they have quite a view. They have a full stove with oven and their fridge is more modern than ours. Rick was positively drooling over the kitchen!! Apparently this was the room we were supposed to have, but maybe next time! Ours is actually quite nice and since we have the extra room, which we don’t really need, we also have an extra bathroom, which comes in very handy! After coffee with the neighbors, we went into Zihua for a bit. We stopped for breakfast at a little cafĂ© and were joined at our table by a family from Vancouver, BC. We each ordered a juice combination of orange and mango and were served a fresh frothy concoction in a HUGE glass! It was so refreshing! We enjoyed our breakfast and chatted with our tablemates and headed out into the market. Rick bought cigars for himself and Paul and we found a pharmacy with some Hawaiian Tropic Aloe gel for my poor sunburned feet. I can’t believe I missed that much real estate with the sunscreen!! Oh well! I wanted color and boy do I ever have it! Rick and I both have pretty fair skin, so we need the gel big time! We wandered around the mercado for a little bit and grabbed a bus back home. I’m really glad we didn’t get a car. It’s so much easier to use the public transportation–cheaper too! It’s only a 10-minute ride from our little bungalow to the center of town and costs $.50 each way for each of us–not a bad deal at all.

Last chance for some suntanning, so we’re off to the beach once more. This time I put that SPF 30 on my feet and ankles so I don’t double burn myself. Even so, I could feel the heat on the already red flesh! This too shall pass. I know I’m going to have to spend some time in the tanning booth when I get home so I can even this mess out! We laid out for a bit then I decided it was time for me to fly, so we headed over to the parasailing guys down the beach a little way. I had to sign all sorts of releases and they gave me very simple instructions: “when I say ‘sit’ you sit and when I say ‘stand’ you stand.” One other instruction as to what to pull and when at landing time and I was flying! It’s funny: when you’re watching someone else flying on the parachute, it looks like they’re going really fast, but when I was up there, it was like I was just floating. What an amazing feeling! I wish we’d brought both cameras to the beach, because I could easily have taken some really cool overhead shots of the entire Playa la Ropa hotel row. Hindsight is once again 20/20!! I was a little nervous, but once in the air–how exhilarating!! I’d do it again in a heartbeat and yes–next time with the camera!

We went back to the bungalow and had some of Rick’s yummy tequila concoctions and talked. This vacation has been so terrific for that. We’re both away from our home turf and we’re relaxed. There’s something to be said for that. We both would love to stay another week, but work commitments call loudly to both of us. I feel our relationship growing and our friendship reaching a new level of comfort. We’ve been able to talk frankly about many things that there never seems to be time for in our day-to-day online and/or telephone communications. It’s always easier face-to-face–at least it is for me and I believe it is for Rick as well. We agreed that we’re both quite special to one another and that we are quite good together on many levels, I’ve always been comfortable with him and I think he’s been burned at least as badly as I have–twice–actually worse in so many ways, since he has 2 sons: one of whom hasn’t spoken to him in over 2 years and he doesn’t even know why. He says he’s dealing with it, but I could see the pain in his eyes. After his first wife decided she liked her well-to-do b/f better than Rick, he raised those boys. They saw their mother on weekends, but she really had no interest in having them around on a daily basis. It’s very sad for him and I know he tries to hide it even from himself. I know him so well because he’s so much like me. Did I mention our birthdays are only a day apart? YIKES!! 2 Sagittarians!! Maybe that’s why our relationship is so easy. I don’t know. I do know that I’m glad this man came into my life. He’s important to me on many levels. I love that we can be so silly together and that we can be equally as serious together. I believe that whatever else happens, we will be close always.

We decided to go back up to La Dolce Vita for a short while and then to dinner. Allison wasn’t there, but Stefano was. We were able to take some pictures. We had forgotten cameras on Saturday, but wanted pics of Allison and Stefano. At least we got some of Stefano. We wished them well in their new venture in Zihuatanejo. I don’t remember the name of their new place to open soon, but I’m sure Rick does. Just as we were leaving La Dolce Vita, Jimi Mamou and his wife and friends we met on Friday night came in for dinner. It was lovely to see them once more before we left. I was once again struck by the love between Jimi and his wife of 46 years and once again, I was reminded of my parents as they approach 60 years of marriage. Mom still gets frequent pats on the ass as she walks by Dad–and he’ll be 80 in June. There’s still something going on there!! Seems like soulmates are out there!

We had planned to eat across the street from the bungalow, but they were closed by the time we got there, so we went back to our favorite romantic beachfront restaurant and had a wonderful last dinner together. It was a beautiful night, the sound of the surf was comforting, and the food, as always, was perfect!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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5/14/2006 7:53 am

So why are you still looking for a relationship when it sounds like you found one?

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