March 12  

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March 12

We slept in again this morning, then went for a walk on the beach. We stopped at CafĂ© Elvira for lunch. Rick had shrimp tacos and I had (of all things in Mexico) a club sandwich. It really hit the spot for me–very tasty sammich!! It was a VERY windy day and as we walked back from the beach, we watched a parasailor trying to land. They tried and tried to get him down, but the wind wasn’t working for them today! They finally dropped him in the water. One of the crew was out on a jet ski and grabbed the sailor as soon as he hit the water, got him unhooked from the ‘chute and got him on dry land fairly quickly. Those guys are like a well-oiled machine: it’s fascinating to watch them! As we progressed down the beach toward home, we noticed paramedics on duty. I suspect they were on the scene just in case something didn’t work right getting that guy down! The sailor seemed to have had a very good time indeed! Rick decided they should have charged him double for the extra-long ride!!
We decided to cook in, so we needed to go to the market. We got some beef, more oranges, some of those little tiny bananas, more mango juice (Rick’s been making his own style of margarita with tequila, orange juice, mango juice and limes (limon)), some more tequila and I bought some beach socks (those little shoes that feel as comfy as an old pair of socks that you can wear on the beach without ruining them. They were a little pricey, but worth it. I hadn’t gotten any flip-flops so they work great!! Now I won’t have to wear my leather sandals on the beach anymore and take a chance on ruining them.
Rick is an outstanding cook and very good at improvising. He cut up the beef (which looked a little like a flank steak), marinated it for awhile, and pan-fried it with onions and salsa verdĂ© and made tacos out of it. He put some sort of cheese in the tacos and then decided to get really crazy with a “secret” ingredient. He sliced up those little bitty bananas and put them in the tacos. The contrast between the sweet and savory was really terrific! He could even have added a little more heat to the mix to make the contrast greater. It was so good that I ran down to Paul & Rhonda’s and had them come down and try some. They agreed: REALLY good stuff! They stayed and chatted for awhile, but wanted to get back to planning their bike trip down the West Coast. They both ride Harleys and don’t care to ride with a club, so they were working on their next vacation! They invited us down for coffee in the morning. They’d found some Cream Tequila and had brought a taste for us. It was a little like Bailey’s: VERY yummy!! So that is to be the “added extra” in tomorrow’s coffee! I haven’t started a day with booze for years. Gotta love a real vacation!!!!
Since it’s Sunday, there was no maid service today, so I cleaned up after dinner: washed the dishes and tried to get all the fruit juices cleaned up so the ants weren’t too well fed overnight. We sat and talked for quite a long time and retired fairly early: not really sure what time. Rick was particularly attentive and tender in his lovemaking. We are good together–no doubt about that!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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3/21/2006 9:59 am

Had a bad experience in Mexico parasailing. Have done it since, but recommend if you do it DO NOT land on the beach!. The boats that have a landing platform on the back are much safer.

LOVE Mexico! Isn't amazing how many variations of Tequila they have ?

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