March 11  

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March 11

We slept in today. We needed to, considering how much we partied last night! We finally got in gear around lunchtime. Rick was still feeling under the weather, though not as much as before. He seems to be coughing less today and I’m sure he’ll survive!! We decided to go to the beach today and cook ourselves a bit. We are both pretty fair-skinned and needing to “expose” ourselves so that our colleagues believe we REALLY went to Mexico!! ( LOL ) There were some local entrepreneurs offering parasailing, which we watched. I decided I’d just watch, but I think I’ll indulge myself on Monday. It looks like so much fun. Even considering my height-anxiety, I’m gonna go anyway! We spent a couple of hours on the beach and boy did I get cooked!! I missed my feet and ankles with the sunscreen and paid for it later in the day and the next day. OUCHIES!! We decided to go into town for a little shopping after the beach. I bought gifts for my boss, Brenda, who’s looking in on Mr. Peabody, and Sherri. We wandered the market for awhile and had a beer at the Jungle Bar. Cute place! Rick is SUCH a guy!! He HATES shopping!!! LOL
Before we headed to the beach, we met our neighbors at the bungalow. A nice couple from Tacoma: Rick’s “neighbors!” We invited them (Paul and Rhonda) to join us later in the day for drinks and another evening at La Dolce Vita. They agreed to spend the evening with us. We had a blast! We introduced them to Allison and Stefano as “reinforcements” to help liven the place up!! We danced all evening. I have no idea what time we came home, but it wasn’t too early! There was a lovely Mexican family at the bar for dinner and we managed to get them ALL on the dance floor. I got one young girl up first and when I asked her to dance, her face just lit up! I found out later that she was only 12 and boy oh boy could she move well for such a youngster! I asked her if she had any ballet training, but she hadn’t. I encouraged her parents to seek training for her. She has some potential and what a sweet girl she was! We exchanged email addresses and I’ll have to be sure to write her as soon as I get back to some internet access. Rick got one of the men up and he was a great sport! I think Rick finally met his match in this one–a man who would get up and dance with him! Only someone pretty secure in his own masculinity could do what he did. I don’t think non-American men are as weird about that as our hometown boys are!!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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