My Baby...  

song2262 54F
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8/6/2006 1:59 am

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8/6/2007 8:43 am

My Baby...

...turns 17 today.

I can scarcely believe it. What has happened to the time.

This beautiful, intelligent, creative, fascinating, loving young woman makes my heart overflow with love. Only yesterday I was running from my bed every morning to see her little arms outstretched and big eyes and smile happy to see me.

Her younger sister and I just finished decorating the house. We make birthdays a wonderful celebration. Streamers and balloons everywhere. In their favorite colors. Favorite meals served the day before and the day Visit a favorite place or explore a new one. Ok, so I'm a maniac. But such a softie and am getting all choked up with emotion right now. I think about all I've tried to be for her, all I've tried to make possible for her.

I can say we have been truly blessed with nonmaterial riches. We are so rich in love, and spirit, and in laughter, in acceptance for diversity, and in a thirst for knowledge.

Sometimes I soooo wish I could make those material wishes happen BEFORE she leaves the nest in just a few years.

Regardless she will always know her mother's deep love and devotion to her.

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter!

And if anyone has a cello they are willing to let us borrow temporarily...please contact me...I'd LOVE to make that dream a reality for her!

rm_connor696 60M
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8/6/2006 6:47 am

It's funny; I spent last evening listening to two women exchange horror stories about their mothers, who were apparently crazy in very bad ways. I listened with half an ear but was somewhat distracted by memories of my own dysfunctional family.

Which is all by way of tipping my hat to you, for you sound like an absolutely wonderful parent. Yeah, toys are nice, but love and joyous invlovement are so much more important. I remember an ad for an investment company that focused on providing stuff for one's children. It ended with the line, "Love is expensive," and I became fairly enraged at the thought of all those loving but poor parents it would make feel inadequate.

But you know better! And so, I'll bet, do your daughters.

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