Take a bow and thank the crowd  

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8/23/2006 1:01 pm

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Take a bow and thank the crowd

Someone ask me the other day if I had ever been caught in the act of doing the deed.Welllll kinda sorta yea.When I was in high school my senior year.I was one of the only seniors that got to drive to school.I was dating a girl in the same grade and she was jealous.Especially of her younger step-sister.She was only 6 months younger but she was a grade behind.Every time I'd go over to their house her sister would flirt with me constantly.I always thought it was just Sibel rivalry.As I was driving towards the school one morning.I see missy walking on the shoulder towards the school.I didn't have to be in until second period.Because I worked in the morning before school on the farm.Missy must have missed the bus and had to walk to school.They didn't live that far from the school but it was raining this day and she looked like a drowned rat.So I pulled over to let her in.First thing she said was I've always wanted to fuck you in your chevelle.I drove a 70 chevelle.Next she said why don't we just skip school and go cruse all day.I'll do what ever you want.I tried to back out of it but she said.I know you want to I can tell by the way you look at me.She was a little hottie.
We cruised for a while and smoked a few doobies.When she got high she got wild.Flashing truck driver as we passed them.It wasn't long and she was buck nekkid.Playing with herself and telling me how bad she wanted to fuck.It was pouring down rain so one of the places to go was Conowingo dam.Its awesome when the gates are open and the mist is blowing every where.We pulled in the parking lot and to your surprise it was empty.So I pulled down on to the boat ramp.My car was out of site from the parking lot.And we could see the mist raising where the water from the dam lands.After kissing and making out and getting a blow job in the front seat. We jumped in the back seat and fucked for hours.That girl had more energy than her sister did.And she really enjoyed fucking.We kinda had a game going to see how many times she could make me cum.After we hit 10 yes 10 we noticed it had stopped raining.We couldn't see out because the windows were all fogged up.We opened the door to get out and stretch.Thinking the parking lot was still empty we stepped out nude.To loud clapping, cheers and whistles.All the guys that worked on the dam had been watching for quite some time.I was kinda dumb found but not missy.She walks to the rear of the car and takes a bow.Then starts blowing kisses to the crowed.I had to quickly put her in the car a get hell out of there before she was attacked.
We met a few times after that with out her sister ever knowing.I even drove up and saw in collage.And stayed a couple of week ends with her.She was a dynamo.

Cozy_Red 50F

8/23/2006 1:19 pm

OMG sisters? Hmmmmm I may have to interview you yet!

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