A long day of throwing hay.  

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8/3/2006 3:07 pm

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A long day of throwing hay.

As I have written before I was raised on a farm.And was the youngest for 4 boys.I grew up fast and with a generation older than mine.I don't know if it's being raised on a farm but you seem to learn the facts of life before those your same age. I started working on the farm young all do.For my age I was in very good shape.Having to keep up with everyone older than me.I was a hard head and would not be out worked.I also worked on most of the farms around ours.I ended up with the biggest crush on one of the farmers daughters.She also worked on the farm the same as everyone else.And to my she was an angel.I was three years younger than her.And as they say she was built like a brick shit house. She and I would always be put in the hay loft to stack the barn.And it was always the hottest place to work.And her father would do this on purpose.Just to torture me.He knew I was attracted to her ,hell who wasn't.He thought I was the safest bet.As we'd be throwing hay she would always be lifting her shirt to wipe the sweat out of her eyes and your always covered with hey and dust so its a very dirty job.Every time she would lift her shirt to wipe her eyes I'd get a clear shot of her beautiful breast. As we finished put the last load of hey in the barn.Her father told us to come down out of the barn and feed the cattle and he would meet us back at the house for dinner and to get paid.By the time we made our why out we were the only ones left there.She told me I could go in the milking parlor and get cleaned up.I've been working on this farm for years and knew there is a shower in the parlor.Because I'd take a shower in the mornings after milking and before I went to school.(nothing like going to school smelling like cow shit) I went into the parlor and striped down and was having to take care of the ragging hard-on from starring at her all day.Just as I was finishing up I hear her laughing outside the door.Embarrassed as hell for getting caught.I wasn't sure what to do.Just as I'm trying to wash to soap out of my hair I hear the door lock unlock.And standing in front of me is the girl of my long hot sweaty nights dreams. She walks up to me and asks if I mind if she shares my shower.My whole body begins to tremble.She comes in and faces the wall and all I can do is stand there and watch the water run through her hair then down her back to the most tight ass I've ever seen.Then she ask me to wash her back.I rub the soap in my hands until I have a good lather.Then as I start to touch her back my hands be gin to tremble almost uncontrollably.I manage to wash the hay and dust off her back.I reach around to feel her breast.And they are firm and hard.Her nipples are so erect you could almost hang a coat hanger on them.As our bodies rub together the soap allowing us to slide up and down against each other.I can't help but to gently bit her on the nap of her neck.I feel my cock sliding between her ass cheeks and parting her pussy.Then I feel her hand as she reaches down to lift my cock against her pussy.I find us rocking slowly back and forth.And before I even know it she has slide me inside of her.She places her hands on the wall in front of her and forces her ass back against me.And tells me Fuck me,Fuck me and pull my hair.I grab a hand full of hair with one hand and wrap the other one around her waist.The feeling of my cock meeting her pussy. Is a dream come true for me and is almost more than I can stand.As I feel myself about to cum I tell her and she says Fuck me hard and cum in me please NOW.I feel myself release in her with a great rush.I wrap both arms around her and put every drop in her I can. She then tells me to hurry up and get dressed .We can finish this later toni te.And her father will be waiting on us.So we both get dressed and head to the big house on the farm where everyone is getting cleaned up for dinner also.All I can think is ,if they only knew what took us so long.We dated for tree years.And have even run into each other a few times sense. I hope that you liked it I have many many more.

sexyariesgirl 57F

8/5/2006 1:35 pm

I really liked this story! And tell us....what happened when you ran into her later in life?? Inquiring minds want to know ya know! lol

Power To FOK

Etherealbreeze 54F

8/6/2006 6:06 pm

In my opinion, reducing this account of a life experience, about growing up; to a "story", only shows the levity and lack of understanding, with which it was read.
The very Title of this piece, refers to a lot more than what the mere words say; it talks of hard work, of only knowing what pain and insecurity were, of monotony, of the readiness and willingness to prove that he was as good or better than the next guy. He had to prove that, if not to anyone else , at least to himself; he was a fighter and he wasn't just going to role over and die; all, this before going to school. This wasn't a lad unfamiliar with hard work...
Out of all the pain he goes through growing up, he falls in love for the first time, and again feels the pain and insecurity that his father had instilled in him, by desiring the unattainable loved one. She's out of his reach, because, deep down, that's the blue print that's been left in him. His desire for this girl becomes torture, again the pain present, but now with a mixture of wet dreams and fantasies: it becomes a sweet pain. For the first time in his young life, he begins to understand that there are various types of pain.
This is the ritual of a young boy becoming a man.
The unattainable, suddenly becomes available, and the boy becomes a man. Pain, can be equated to love. It's no doubt a different kind of pain, he learns.
Does it matter, how it ends? Does it matter, that years later they cross paths?
No, the only thing that does matter is what this experience did to the boy/man, he learned, and grew inside.
To this day, he remembers, to the last detail what happened and his feelings, that's what matters.
It's a turning point in this man's life, that's what matters...not the trivialities.


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