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(for salient details see my brand spanking new bibliography in the BIBLIOGRAPHY post.)

“Touchstones once were used to test the purity of gold and silver. Struck against high-grade metal, they would show a distinctive mark. The word ‘touchstone’ evokes spiritual images [numens] of touching, making contact, having a solid base, and being a tangible reminder of truth. We all have touchstones in our lives -- our principles, a favorite quotation [encounter or pot-shot] against which we measure [estimate] [or appraise] our own thoughts and actions.” -- trashed and extracted here, without express permission of course, from the INTRODUCTION.

"Fortunately [or unfortunately perhaps, whichever the case me be], spiritual growth [or sexual enlightenment] [otherwise sometimes rather affectionately known as seedtime and harvest] takes us in surprising directions. In dialog or relationship with other specimen we make various sorts of connections allowing their connectivity to rub off on us at times, yet at other times quite vice versa, if you git my drift, huh? Carousing or blogging with others who are also under the influence of the nooky fairy allows us to sometimes git it on much more effectively, if you git my drift, thereby reviving our otherwise rather flat spirits and thereby somehow quite miraculously no doubt yet no doubt quite incredibly save our sex life, huh? The combination of the peter principle and my principle peter relationships with floozies on this journey causes great changes in my life, if not great concern by the powers that be.

"In my ongoing consternation, I often become absorbed, quite obsessive, quite overly possessive, and otherwise inveterately preoccupied in my emotions and stress and somewhat therapeutic posts, if you git my drift? My perspective gets skewed [screwed] [perhaps a bit less politically correct or apolitically savvy here, or perhaps merely politely screwed, but with essentially the same general overall effect of course]. My perspective gets screwed by the intensity of the immediate situation, a somewhat imprecise Kodak moment, or denial [a river somewhere in Egypt I believe, near Bumfuck], or my denial blindsides me. Repeatedly the simple words of my friends [and floozies, other bloggers of course, some not quite so friendly as I remember, but who could blame them, huh?], the simple words of friend and foe and their blogs serve as touchstones. To peruse a phrase or a poem or a joke or indeed the knockout comment of another blogger in like touching base, and perhaps some other things as well, quite virtually or safely of course. It sometimes momentarily brings me out of my stupor and serves as an external reference point that helps me recall the path [the response link] to return the soup [blogging soup for the chicken shit feet]. I hope these daily aversions, perversions, and occasional aggravations will serve that purpose for you as well.

"Sexual awakening reaches all corners of ourselves, including our masculinity or masturbations, and could be quite touching to others as well. It raises questions, among other things, and makes us see ourselves in new ways [positions]. I am deeply grateful to all of the other Adult Floozie Finder bloggers who always seem so near and readily available and exposable for the open discussions via comments and smileys or more grotesque gizmos on our sometimes rather complex issues of sexuality. The touchstones from our searching dialogues and comments are my base, and they are reflected throughout these posts, these libidinally savvy meditations and seductions.

"The dialogue continues, and that is the life of this phenomenon we affectionately call blogging, especially when we don’t quite feel up to jogging. We continue to find touchstones that speak to us in our particular situations, and then we pass them on to others whether via other comments, other posts, or safe sex [yet perhaps not quite so safe at times either]. As you peruse and respond to these quite moxie and indelible and incredible offerings, I trust they ignite new possibilities for your sex life and strengthen you on your libidinal path.

"This phenomenon, like our sexuality, could never happen through one person’s individual efforts. It is the product of the nooky fairy working through many floozies and studs willing to give it all just for the sake of giving it all. I am eternally grateful to the Hazelden Foundation and staff for the excellent work they have done, and that they have not yet had me busted for such rather severe trashing and interpolation of an otherwise quite excellent handbook of lifesaving import and content. Perhaps if we will merely agree to somehow procure all extant copies or perhaps just throw money at the powers that be, perhaps, perhaps then they will somehow find it in their little ole perhaps somewhat perverted hearts to forgive little ole me and little ole you if you too should somehow become libidinally implicated???

Indeed the friends of M.A.F. [whoever that is, ostensibly the otherwise unidentified Mean Ass Fucker or Floozie who wrote this] little INTRODUCTION [before I messed with it] , indeed many friends and accomplices have contributed their favorite quotations for this collection. Others have read portions of the draft, added their thoughts, and prayed for me and this product [hopefully for me as well]. Some gave me their vote of confidence believing I could respond with what this creation called for. Though you shall remain anonymous here, you know who your are, and I am grateful for your help. And to my wife and my daughters who have patiently supported me and contributed to this project: “Thanks, I love you dearly.” M.A.F.

Let’s have a whopping and roving hand of appreciation and admiration for one Monsieur M.A.F., huh???

Don't tell me I've inadvertently applied the very same Icon two times in a row??? Is there some reward, prize, or penalty for that???

overall sizzle: {=} /8 sucks

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4/2/2006 12:16 pm

What have you done to that poor smurf? You had better stay away from Garfield, I think he is asexual anyways.

somethingelse40 replies on 4/2/2006 12:36 pm:
Be kind to your webfooted, AdultFriendFinder, and other horny friends, saintliassa, you just never know when you might want something???

It just occured to me that we may have to come up with a separate pole for anal excursionist??? Is that your forte as well, or perhaps a mere a minor development???

Check this out --> [blog sfvcp1818]

somethingelse40 replies on 4/4/2006 5:33 am:
I'm now thinking I probably gave you a bogus link to the ass fairy. Here's a brief update on the whole thing, as it now stands, [protrudes].

The pole poll: Have patience, my liege: Rome was not destroyed in a day. To be perfectly honest, I sometimes find it difficult to be perfectly honest. I have nothing definite to apologize for: I'm just sorry about everything in general. It's sometimes easier to do the impossible than to do the embarrassing. Perhaps it's only when I misunderstand you that I ever really agree with you. How can I hope to capture your heart, if I can't even catch your eye? Most of what I know about happiness and misery I've learned since I met you. I'm so glad you told me what I didn't want to hear, but told someone else what I wanted to hear. The show must go on but I don't have to stay and watch! Just when I nearly had the answer, I forgot the question. Who's in command of this meat?

Do we not now need a separate pole poll for Greek enthusiasts, or have you not yet consulted the ass fairy at sfvcpl818 in her "Anal? You want anal? Well, have you heard of........?" post, now somewhat buried in amongst all of her many rather comparably stimulating others.

Which is the non-smoking lifeboat???

According to latest official figures 43% of all statistics are totally worthless. No doubt the percentage here could run up even higher.

Which do you prefer??? Would you tell me if I promise not to tell??

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