the birds and the bees  

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4/30/2006 5:59 am

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the birds and the bees

what goes where and why …

Fine friendship [my liege] requires duration rather than fitful intensity. ~~ Aristotle [yet somehow hardly that rather obtuse Onassis dude … indeed, that other Aristotle, my liege].

"We all have masculine and feminine strengths. When we accept that, we become complete men and women [perhaps somewhat, yet perhaps not quite as complete as the birds and the bees?]. Ostensibly, we can choose not to let the seeming absurdities and hardships of life break our spirited wings. With proper care and support and attention to detail, we can indeed heal ourselves and fly again. Where there’s a pill, there’s a way, my liege. Yet it seems like I’ve heard somewhere recently that aerodynamically bees would be unable to fly. Let’s not tell them anytime soon, it might ruin their day. I just hate it when that happens. Yet perhaps I’m merely getting my bees and my humming birds all mixed up. Perhaps we should never try to discuss the birds and the bees at the same time, huh?

To be perfectly honest I sometimes find it difficult to be perfectly honest, especially when writing a recommendation for someone, yet somehow it generally seems that surely I must have many yet unknown and unrecognized talents ~~ but my faults have somehow succeeded in securing wide recognition, and in fact actually, my liege, you’re gonna luv this: I know very little about the birds and the bees. And besides, all I ever wanted is you by my side, and whatever else you will let me have. So my problem obviously is not in controlling my desires ~~ it’s in controlling yours.

"Try if you can to believe that, even when you’re not thinking about me, I’m still here. What possible and otherwise fathomable right do I have to encourage you, if you don’t want to be encouraged? Yet to be perfectly honest, my liege, I sometimes actually prefer fitful intensity over duration; and at other times fitful intensity seems to be about the best that I can do.

"Nevertheless, as quite eloquently summarized and perhaps rather profoundly exemplified by one AdultFriendFinder lady that I noted recently, yet who would likely perhaps wish to remain anonymous, Women view sex differently than men….it is an emotional connection for a woman and I am afraid I am no different in that aspect. If we are seeing one another and having sex then I believe we are in a relationship. I want the ability to grow in a relationship filled with affection and friendship. I am looking for a good, caring friend with benefits. Now benefits come in many forms and fashion not just sex. I want to be pampered, spoiled and appreciated. I would love to show you the same kindness and appreciation. … People say relationships are 50/50 but I believe they are 100/100.

“Indeed: Once we have embarked [or perhaps somehow meowed] upon this fateful regimen of maximum moxie-motor moxie magic, we sometimes find spiritual recovery [absolute maximum moxie-motor moxie magic] through relationships [hopelessly mixed moxies, yet sometimes perhaps a bit more through fitful intensity] more than any other single factor. We find it through relationships with other people, with ourselves and with our Higher Power, the nooky fairy, or perhaps in some weird cases with the birds and the bees.

"A meaningful “friendship” or relationship [maximum mixed moxie-motor moxie magic] is a long-term dialogue [perhaps even including long-term, long-distance gratification of lust, huh?]. If there is a conflict or if we make a mistake or fail to do what our friend wants of us [heaven forbid], we don’t end the friendship [we just pout a little and find us another short-term, huh? otherwise …]. We simply have the next exchange to resolve the differences. Indeed, it's tough, letting go of the past, when there are no firm hand-holds to the future.

"Our dialog continues [perhaps on IM with MaxCam] over time [apparently God’s rather ingenious little device that keeps everything from happening all at once, cool huh?] over time, and time, and time again [yet perhaps over more time than ever] -- along with many amends [Are you kidding?] and slipups, builds the bond. With it develops a deepening sense of reliability and trusting one another [Trust me, why should I doubt any of this, just because my net experiences may have been entirely different?].

When we have lived with our “friend” through many experiences ‒ or perhaps with our Higher Power, the nooky fairy, or such ‒ we gain a feeling that we really know [perhaps loath] him or her in a way we could never have in a brief intense connection [yet don’t knock it yet if you haven’t recently tried it … perhaps in a somewhat timeless and perhaps incredibly wonderful encounter of some rather fitful intensity]. Perhaps I'd better start back now ~~ my empty apartment will be getting lonely.

"Oh well, so much for the birds and the bees, my liege: did you feel anything? Yet at times do we not need a full and thorough expression of a feeling (or sentiment) in order to know it, experience it, and move beyond it? Our tears cleanse us. They heal. They make us whole. ~~ somehow gleaned and/or interpolated and/or trashed sentiments from the Touchstones and other Hazelden Quotes, perhaps as now somewhat although perhaps not yet quite completely documented in my BIBLIOGRAPHY, quite generally and generously elsewhere and quite often ~~ indeed my absolute favorite funny farm fodder. To whom shall we go for some more self-help? ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant, of course.

Have you any idea what goes where and why? >>!

sexymom20069 48F

4/30/2006 9:19 am


So true - you know excatly what you want and not afraid to say so.
Relationship should be 100/100% from both sides.
VERY , VERY Good thoughts.
Good Luck to all , Linda

somethingelse40 74M
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4/30/2006 10:54 am

I cherish the comment, sexymom, and indeed I look forward to many, many more incredibly intimate interactions with you. Glenn

mycin62 54F

5/1/2006 5:48 am

I am WAY to tired to appreciate this now, I'll be back later

somethingelse40 replies on 5/1/2006 11:14 am:
You don't say? As I've previously lamented elsewhere on your turf, indeed, my liege, you're perhaps gonna need some rest, huh?

somethingelse40 replies on 5/2/2006 1:54 am:
Surely you've rested enough by now, my liege: don't tell me you've been that busy; but if you have, believe me: I understand!

... and so do the birds and the bees.

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