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snatch snatching

-- severely trashed POT-SHOTS NO. 3521,
©Ashleigh Brilliant 1985.

Why should I go out of my way to be unhappy, when I can be just as unhappy without going to all of that extra trouble? Perhaps on some occasions one could simply substitute the word ‘happy’ for ‘unhappy’ and essentially get a much nicer version, though?

Indeed, since I generally have a mouse in my pocket, or on my desktop, WE may have to dig a little deeper for this one, and no doubt perhaps dig into one Monsieur Ashleigh Brilliant a bit, my hero, indeed, the now perhaps somewhat less renowned potshottest, if you git my drift, no doubt perhaps with a little something from his rather in-depth and libidinally and cerebrally challenging perhaps and perhaps somewhat snatch snatching, I Try To Take One Day At A Time, But Sometimes Several Days Attack Me At Once.” Y’all all run out now yah heah, or somehow on-line it (the groovy thang) and git a copy or two, if not several: actually the resellers may now be selling a bit cheaper than the sellers, and of course you git em hardly used and suitable perhaps for framing or quite possibly for a cranium transplant.

Likewise, I generally try to snatch one snatch at a time, but sometimes several snatches snatch me at once. Yet not to snatch off on some kind of an otherwise reckless or obtuse tangent of course, there’s this one Touchstone, 'April 7' to be exact, from the Touchstones [ Check out that brand spankin' new and snatch snatching BIBLIOGRAPHY post, dude. ]that now somehow seems to be snatching my cranium’s somewhat undivided and snatch snatching attention, beginning with a rather short and anonymous, hardly even a one liner, preliminary quote as follows:

Adversity introduces a man to himself -- Anonymous. Yea verily, yet perhaps it could at least become a little more inclusive and heterosexually friendly, if not at the same time become a little more politically correct and sexually savvy, and thereby perhaps become a bit more tolerable, perhaps, perhaps somewhat as follows: Adversity introduces one to itself -- Now even more Anonymous, huh, nevertheless, much better, huh? If my Cajun serves me well, if I'd'a been any more snatched with myself I couldn't'a stood it.

Proceeding rather cautiously now of course, quoting no telling who from the annals of funny farm fodder without a shred of express expressions from the powers that be, tiptoeing no less through the tulips so to speak, quite indelibly and deliberately no less of course, if you git my drift, if you just won’t tell anybody, and of course somewhat heavily sedated and interpolated as follows:

“After difficult or challenging times we often say, 'I never would have chosen to go through that, [obviously I included it anyhow] but I learned a lot from it.' It could be job situation, a failed relationship, [a snatch snatching post], or trouble with the law [or in-laws, perhaps somebody got shot, who knows?]. When we bump [or snatch] up against something hard ‒ something that pushes back at us, our strength is tested [to say nothing of our snatch snatching undulations and fortitude], our [resolve and Viagra] is tested, forcing us to draw [heavily] on unknown [and perhaps somewhat uncouth] reserves [or flabbergasters]. A mountain climber [or an AdultFriendFinder floozie] standing on a ledge finds it difficult [to screw in a light bulb or] to move forward onto a more frightening spot. After s/he has completed the [feat] s/he looks back and feels good about [itself] because s/he met a [snatch snatching] challenge. We meet these challenges in many ways in our [snatch snatching], they help us build our [snatch snatching putting out and our] self respect.

“Whatever difficulty is facing us today, we may have to [fuck] with it ourselves [regardless of how codependent we may otherwise suck up to], but we don't have to be alone while we do it [especially whenever we have a mouse in our pocket or on the desktop]. We can reach out for [snatch and snatch] what we must. This [snatching] is part of being [horny and humanoid] and can help us [snatch] more fully who we are [as well perhaps as whose snatch is being snatched, as well perhaps as who’s snatch is in fact in command of said snatch].

For the moxie to snatch a snatch when I must and excess moxie for unleashing further moxie from that moxie, for that moxie I moxie. … damn near enlightenment, huh?

NOW SEEMS TO HAVE TO HAVE SOMEHOW BECOME ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE HEROS.] -- still a somewhat interpolated or rather appended POT-SHOTS NO. 3521, ©Ashleigh Brilliant 1985.

codependent ... a borrowed definition ... believing something or someone outside yourself can save you ... now reserved perhaps for the somewhat forthcoming, yet hardly definite, GLOSSERY post.

Of course I’ve pretty much always believed in that. It is true, isn’t it: that something or someone outside yourself can save you? Otherwise how could I have ever made it thus far? Obviously there’s no way that I could have ever gotten thus far merely on my on. Of course, I had to have lots of help to get where I am today, no doubt even if hardly anyone else would dare choose to be in my shoes; yet certainly no one else wants to take the for it. That’s eactly what’s saved me and my shoes all this time. Isn’t that true of you as well?

Would you believe I was also once a slugabed ‒ for quite some time as I remember primarily back during the onset of my second and most distinguished mid-life crisis? As I remember some funny farm doctor gave me some funny farm prescription and I hardly knew I was in the world until I finally found something I liked better. Where there’s a pill there’s a way, huh?

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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4/8/2006 4:54 am

Your brain must hurt

Purry {=}


somethingelse40 replies on 4/8/2006 8:02 am:
It hurts so good, Purry, only you or the scent of a pussy could ever make it feel any better. Perhaps I may be needing a cranium transplant soon, huh?

Whispersoftly5 52F
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4/9/2006 5:55 pm

You're an interesting man! I enjoyed reading this!!!


somethingelse40 replies on 4/9/2006 9:43 pm:
... to say nothing of the moxie gained from it, huh? happyf;

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Check out that new BIBLIOGRAPHY post, dude.

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4/10/2006 5:34 am

Check out that brand spankin' new and snatch snatching BIBLIOGRAPHY post, dude.

florallei 99F

7/8/2006 10:51 am

I can see why monseur Asleigh Brilliant is your hero...his words speaks truth and complexity of man. We all need heros...we learn from them...they help us in practical ways...yet the fact remains that they too see better and feel deeper than most of us because they dwell, they analyze, they dissect man's sorrows and become dissulussioned in the end. To find the wisdom of what they share with us and stopping short of becoming like them is quite a trick in itself. I too have many heroes, one is my son but I would never want to have his illness...but he has taught me about life and love and perseverance. I salute and praise such heroes. Without them our world would truly be dim.

somethingelse40 replies on 7/8/2006 12:35 pm:
I suppose good heroes and good admirers need and deserve each other. Perhaps you will tell me more of your son? More of your world? And more of your life and love and perseverance?

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