pubertian symbiosis  

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5/6/2006 6:00 am

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pubertian symbiosis

Ah, the mood is fickle, my liege.

fickle as a pickle in mayo in heat …

Symbiosis has elsewhere been defined as the living together in close association of two dissimilar organisms, especially when mutually beneficial; ... puberty as ... the condition of being, cuming, or going … or perhaps the period of becuming or at once capable of lustfully propagating … perhaps even reproducing sexually.

Rather indiscriminately juxtaposing these two previously unveiled and rather uncalled for premises [promises] together by a previously somewhat little known process now somewhat liberally and mysteriously known as pubertian symbiosis we obviously get none other than near enlightenment, cool moxie, and unlimited brilliance, no doubt fickle as a stiff pickle in mayo in heat, as now perhaps somewhat defined as follows:

Pubertian symbiosis must now therefore become or perhaps to becuming, principally, if not somehow cum to, to little more than the living together in close association of two dissimilar organism, huh, whether mutually beneficial or not, although quite honestly, if not quite often, with that general intent?

The idea first hopped into my cranium for little more than two cents from a rather heated although now obviously rather confidential comment that I had received, somewhat as follows:

I don't necessarily believe that relationships are 100/100 all the time. Ideally, this is true. But there are times within any relationship when one or the other is not able, either physically, mentally, or emotionally, to offer their entire 100%. It's those times that test a relationship and determine if it is 'real' or if it's simply symbiosis. I would like to think that I'd be strong enough to pick up the slack in a relationship when my partner was going through a rough patch... and that he'd be able to do the same for me.

Just my two cents.

And my rather unsuspecting and perhaps somewhat innocent response to that response at the time, cranium-to-cranium moxie no less, somewhat as followed, as follows:

What a nice and found and profound two cents worth, my liege: indeed I suspect that in the right craniums that testing stuff could be worth millions and no doubt quite marketable as well. I just luv it when that happens. I’m now quite curious over your use of the word “symbiosis.” Well gosh, woman, there must now be an awful lot of that going around, huh, and that’s the first time I’d ever known exactly what it was. In fact I’ve had it for many years, ever since I first turned into puberty I immediately turned into one mixed up glob of pubertian symbiosis, which of course will likely become the very hot topic of my very next cranium deposit, that is right after how the cookie crumbles, which I haven’t quite finished yet, although its almost finished me off [sexy huh]: The living together in close association of two dissimilar organism, huh, whether mutually beneficial or not, although sometimes with that general intent? Have you been finished off lately?

Have you been finished off lately?

f***ing gurus, myths, and fantasies …

for what it’s worth …

“Many [f***ing gurus] will tell you fantasy is just a little addition [a little addiction, if you will, perhaps even if you won't] to your sex life, something you might want to add to your sex play with your [pubertian symbiosis] sometime. But fantasy is not an unimportant or small thing in a [symbiosis’s] sexual life together. Fantasy is more of a pathway to a deeper sexual connection than almost anything else you can [cum up with].

"Most men and women have a secret sexual life that [even] their partners (and even their psychiatrists) may never know about. They have fantasies old and dear that are in their erotic core[moxies]–and many of them are pretty weird. That’s why they don’t share them. But if you get into your partner’s head [quite literally of course] and if you can get these fantasies shared and used as part of your erotic moments together, it is an extraordinary bonding experience.

"Fantasies are not necessarily what anyone wants to happen in real life [says who?], but they exist because they serve some core function; they release part of the erotic imagination that nothing else quite touches. Sometimes they are merely reruns of great experiences, but other times they are the desire that was wished for, but unachieved, and this is the only way to make it [happen].

"Why games and gadgets? Because both women and men enjoy being on the erotic edge. Because games and gadgets are a turn-on--and when they aren't, they are at least worth a good laugh together, which is also a lot of [mutual moxie] fun.

“Moral [Does there always have to be a moral?]: Don’t be [f***ing] timid. Guys, don’t think of her as Snow White, and don’t be [f***ing] Prince Charming. Women, don’t be Snow White if you want excitement [Do you really now?]. Find something real, forbidden, and unique to the two of you. … This is your f***ing private life, and you can make it just as hot [as the law allows] as you want it to be. One of the greatest advantages of a [f***ing pubertian symbiosis] is that you can try things and know your partner will [get down on it]. Now that’s [horny and excitement], huh? … eh? …

"[Indeed] Have a sex life that is [somewhat contrived] between you and not something that is generally predictable that could [rather] automatically get the Good Housekeeping Sexual Seal of Approval [is perhaps not such a f***ing bad idea afterall, huh?]. ~~ Gleaned from the annals of Everything You Know About Love and Sex Is [F***ing] Wrong, Twenty-Five Relationship Myths Redefined To Achieve Happiness and Fulfillment [and Orgasms] in Your [F***ing] Intimate Life, by Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D. Shall we get it on? What is this “real life” I keep hearing about?

Apparently this pubertian symbiosis stuff could, can, and will go on forever or at least until the cows come home at which point it just might somehow suddenly become somewhat obsolete if we then somehow cum to find out that the cows ate it, huh? ………. eh? ……….

So the Wicked Queen appointed an independent counselor to investigate Prince Charming’s alleged relationship with Snow white and the Seven Dwarves.


Perhaps I should move along now to perhaps an even greater challenge, NO LESS, WHEN TO SPILL THE BEANS, and yet no doubt perhaps also dabbling a bit along on, HARD UP, STUFF HAPPENS, and perhaps also onTHE GOOD OLE DAYS, LOQUACIOUS MOXIE, and PRETENSE, huh? … eh? ...

In fact my immediate cranium destination is yet perhaps a somewhat belated yet elegantly casual Cinco de Mayo Gathering, perhaps of BYOBBM proportions (Bring Your Own Bottle, Booty, and Mayo).

Alas, my liege, I have abandoned my search for truth ~~
and am now looking for a good fantasy! {=} ...\8

In closing, to be perfectly honest I sometimes find it difficult to be perfectly honest, yet to be perfectly honest, perhaps I should go ahead and just say it and git it over with and be done with it: FEW HAVE EVER SATISFIED ME THE WAY I REALLY THINK OTHERS SHOULD, yet no doubt, SOME OF THE WORST THINGS OR TRICKS I’VE EVER DONE HAVE PROBABLY BEEN FORGOTTEN BY EVERYBODY, EXCEPT ME. >>!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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5/6/2006 1:41 pm

What have you done now?

Purry { = }


somethingelse40 replies on 5/6/2006 2:22 pm:
Wouldn't you like to know??? >>!

somethingelse40 replies on 5/6/2006 2:35 pm:
Indeed, what's wrong with your sexy lips, Purry, for some strange reason I got { = } instead of this: {=} ...\8 ?*

What have you to say for your gorgeous and seductive self-contained-self, my liege? Do you think there might be an extra space in there some where, or is it now all pretty much somewhere between the ears? In fact, here's another copy and pastie of it, Purry { = }: can't ya see the extra spaces in there? If you can see that good, Purry {=}, I've got something else for you to inspect ... first chance you get!

somethingelse40 replies on 5/6/2006 2:41 pm:
Wouldn't you like to know??? >>!

Well Purry {=} looks like my stuff got f***ed up too ... imagine that???

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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5/7/2006 9:18 am

i feel like you've been in my head thank you!very dirty there

somethingelse40 replies on 5/7/2006 12:31 pm:
Ah, my favorite snatchmatch, surely you must cum more often, my liege.

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