an incomplete numen  

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2/16/2006 8:54 pm

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an incomplete numen

Erogenously, incredibly, profoundly, and passionately ensconced and mesmerized within the throws of lust, within in the spell and smell and feel of natural affection, we felt a numen, a grand phenomenon of awe, of exquisite wonder that indelibly transcends earthly epochs and human histories to indulge our common sexualities to extreme exquisite proportions in erogenous feelings of erotic thoughts and fantasies and positions.

Do you like that better, or perhaps not?

We'll do it so many ways, you're bound to like some of them?

Thanks for stopping by. As I’ve previously lamented in a couple of posts here, if per chance anything in this entire blog should motivate you in any given direction, it will entirely have missed its purpose, and you should probably see your shrink, or perhaps you physicist, or your psychic immediately?

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