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This is all we have ...
this moment.

I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day. ~~ one Albert Camus.

Do not reveal your thoughts to everyone, lest you drive away your good luck [or your sex drive]. ~~ Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 8:19 &

An only rather slightly interpolated brush with May 2 in the Hazelden Touchstones, as now somewhat yet perhaps still somewhat incompletely documented in my BIBLIOGRAPHY post, huh? … eh? …

“We’ve had problems in our lives with limits. We have done some things to excess and others we have endlessly postponed. Sometimes we haven’t had [good sense] about what we ought to tell someone or whom we ought to tell. We may have kept secrets that made us lonely and sick. Other times we exposed too much in inappropriate situations and hurt someone else or ourselves. Developing these internal limits is a quite change that comes with [in-depth moxie]. Gradually, we gain a stronger feeling of [in-depth moxie and] self-respect and become more intuitive about when to express something and when not to.

“Secrets [deep dark secrets] are links in our chains of bondage to isolation, addiction, and codependency [hopelessly mixed moxies]. Yet, when we are compelled to tell everything, we lack the feeling of self-containment [that maximum in-depth moxie feeling of the self-contained-self] that comes from [maximum moxie-motor oomph]. We need a sense of [in-depth moxie-motor] privacy which is the freedom to choose [our own devices, to literally choose] what and when to confide in a friend [ostensibly another humanoid]. What does our intuition [our maximum in-depth moxie motor instincts] tell us about our privacy and our openness and our beans?

My end stinks too, but I sometimes seem to get mixed messages in that regard: how about you? Have you somewhat unreliable or rather inconsistent instincts or intuition as well? Do you really trust it?

“Today I will listen to my inner messages about what I need to discuss with others and when I need to withhold.” Did you feel anything? Did you hear anything? Did you say anything? What am I, a dumb ass?

Confidentially, one interesting thing about my life story is that I play both the hero and the villain. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant & POT SHOTS NO. 4017.

All my thoughts have one thing in common: they’re all from my cranium. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant & POT SHOTS NO. 4150.

One thing I’m not quite capable of doing entirely by myself is: getting laid. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant & POT SHOTS NO. 4105.

If you notice that I’m deceiving you, I can’t be deceiving you very well. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant & POT SHOTS NO. 689.

Many otherwise normal people in our society suffer from a severe handicap called humanoid. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant & POT SHOTS NO. 4322.

Good communication does not always depend on words alone but on the tenderness [and sexiness and eye contact] with which they are spoken. ~~ Rather Anonymous.

Be careful, or I’ll include you in my plans! >>!

If you don’t let me make you happy, I’ll make you suffer. happyf; happym; ?*

I like to think of you on days that begin with a morning or sex.

Hopefully NOW my somewhat WARPED AND wayward cranium will NOW somehow MANAGE TO REALLY clean up is act and perhaps fare somewhat noticeably and PERHAPS SOMEWHAT mysteriously better in the now proposed and upcoming splatters of HARD UP, STUFF HAPPENS, THE GOOD OLE DAYS, LOQUACIOUS MOXIE, PRETENSE, BONELESS CHICKENS, and PARASITOSIS IN DOSES, huh? … eh? ...

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5/7/2006 10:24 pm

Confidentially, one interesting thing about my life
story is that I play both the hero and the villain.

thats my favorite quote, very interesting blog
less is more especially when it comes to words

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