Manhattan weekends  

somemanhattanguy 33M
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10/20/2005 10:17 pm

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Manhattan weekends

Hmm... Fun times! Except.. not so much. I spent the majority of my weekends sitting around the apartment cause I don't know anyone that well here, and I can't stand bars. I don't get the attraction in hanging around a smoky, smelly, LOUD place with a bunch of drunk-ass strangers. That kinda puts me in a minority, so here I am!

Trying a Halloween party tomorrow, which could be fun. I'll know a lot of the people there (which isn't to say they still won't get on my nerves, but nothing's perfect...) so I'll have a chance to hang out a bit. If not, home again and back to sit here and wonder if anyone likes to comment on boring blogs! Later,

-Some Dude

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