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solwhiskey 41M
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1/7/2006 10:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Making Out Isn

I just got a sweet compliment on something I posted in the Member Article section under "Dating". It was about how making out - kissing, heavy petting, love-bites, and other "backseat behavior" that gets people all lathered up, but stops short of sex - is all but forgotten once people turn eighteen and start "going all the way".

I think adults get nervous because they think if they start fooling around with someone, they're tacitly committing to sex, either right now or in the near future. And you can hardly blame them, because some people feel they're just entitled to sex, like the universe owes them a good time or something.

Usually it's guys that are known for expecting more than is offered, but some women are guilty too. Either way, it's the kind of thinking that scares away people who like to make out, but don't necessarily want to have sex with everyone they kiss, grope, or nibble on.

So many people here are trying to set up these crazy swingin' OMG sex parties!!!1! Why doesn't somebody try to get an Adult's Makeout Party going? No sex or nudity allowed, to avoid intimidating people who don't feel like going to some wild orgy. There could be "Spin The Bottle", "Seven In Heaven", and all the other "sexy" games kids supposedly play in high school (not me, I was a wallflower).

Yeah. Anyway, if you're the type of person who gets all huffy and annoyed when every act of intimacy doesn't lead to intercourse or oral sex, stop it! You're ruining it for the rest of us!

angelgrrl 48F

1/7/2006 10:56 am

I for one love kissing, groping, petting, etc., but there are a lot of not-nice names for women who do stop short of sex, so I would be inclied to not get into that situation. If a man I was attracted to were to say to me that he'd love to kiss me and wouldn't expect me to have sex, I think it would be an incredibly memorable night.

solwhiskey 41M
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1/7/2006 11:26 am

My first comment! Hi angelgrrl, thanks for stopping by. You're right, there are a lot of not-nice names for women who stop short of sex. It's because some people have that sense of entitlement, like they think the world owes them sex. It would just be nice if people appreciated making out for what it is, that's all I'm saying.

piamatter 44F

1/9/2006 6:35 pm

<---------- sighing and thinking back to the back seat days

You re right. Welcome to blogville.

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