why the fake pics?  

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4/28/2006 1:25 am

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4/28/2006 2:15 am

why the fake pics?

I dont get why people would even post a fake picture for there profile. If you are really planning on meeting somebody then the person that you are meeting will find out what you really look like then, and I am sure that there may be problems then.

I have found a lot of people that have fake pics.

-One of them didnt look like it would be fake because it was an ordinary picture, but then a few months later I saw a porn star with the exact same girl that is in her picture. I told her about it and she denied that it was fake, and well she said she wasnt a porn star either (dang it).

-I have seen one person on this website that is using a picture that is on the home page of this website. The one at the bottom of the page where it just shows the womans chest, and she is wearing a black bra. Plus the photo kind of fades away on the sides.

-There are many others as well

It just doesnt make since to me

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