Damn that was HOT  

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4/1/2006 1:40 am

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4/4/2006 4:54 pm

Damn that was HOT

I havent ever met anybody from this website before, but have been really anxious to (horny as hell). There have been a couple of people that I thought that I would end up meeting, but it just never worked out. Finally I met one girl on here that is really interested in hooking up, and going to group sex flings. She is really cool, and we have chatted a good bit.

Last night she really turned me on. We were chatting just about the usual stuff, and then it turned to the sexual side of things. We were talking about sex toys when she mentioned that she had a dildo and a vibrator.

Anyway skip ahead a little bit:

Ends up she tells me that she has her vibrator out playing with it. So, I start posting pics of myself naked, and she really starts working it. That is when she tells me to get out my flesh light and playing with myself. I get it out and she just has my dick throbbing. When I am fucking my toy, she tells me that she has pulled out her dildo also. We had been talking about anal earlier, and she mentioned that she liked it. Well, she says that she has started using the dildo in her ass and the vibrator on her little clit. She just had my blood rushing.

We have cyber sex for atleast 30 minutes, so I am just wearing out that flesh light. I am telling her what to do. She ends up on the bed riding the hell out of that dildo in her ass, and she is taking it all the way (she said it was a 6in dildo). By that time, she is saying that she can feel the pussy juice just rolling down into her ass. That got me and I just blew my load. It was hot as hell.

After that cyber adventure, we both agreed that we are definetly going to meet, and relive that moment for real. I said bring your toys, and I will use them on ya when I am fucking you.

I chatted with her tonight again and she said that she had to hop in the shower afterwards cause she was covered in pussy juice.

Damn it gets me hot right now thinking about it. I cant wait until we meet.

solution4sex 34M

4/4/2006 4:54 pm

Last night we had another fun chat. I made some new pics, and we had to get into cyber-sex again. Just as fun and hot as the first time. I noticed the time while doing it this time, and we went at it for an hour and a half.

Yea, I am getting pretty good at lasting a while. Plus I got to make some pretty good pics of myself. Wish I could post them in this message. If anybody would like to check them out then all that you have to do is contact me. I am usually pretty easy to catch on IMC.

Once we can find a good time for each of us then we are definetly going to wear each other out.

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