Impersonating a man  

soloBIcowboy4pla 57M
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4/13/2006 6:06 am
Impersonating a man

It has been a long time sense I had those special feelings for another and all this person did is use and abuse me in every way you can think of. Here is my statement and or question:
"is every one in metro phoenix burned out or is this the home base for evil people"?

bifocus 75M
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4/26/2006 11:31 pm

I understand that this is not an "open" or automatically "friendly" place for the sexually experimental or fun-only persons of any gender. My community is VERY rigid and ultra conservative. What this does is drive everyone underground and secretive. This results in an environment where you get a little privacy and some intimatcy and you find that there are a few worms that take advantage of you caution and play on your desires. To answer your question directly, the vast majority are not worms. The majority, however, are so cautious that you find it hard to actually get close. Patience then is needed but when you need a sexual friendship of a sometime casual (or even a semi-regular) basis the time wasted being nice and patient drives you nuts. I have the same problem PLUS the added burden of a sexless partner who doesn't want that same conservative community to find out that: (1) I'm horny 24/7, (2) I'm very bi anyway, (3) I love being privately nude among others.
So I continue to hope to find a normal, highly sexual male and/or female or couple, unhibited but considerate and explorative in technique and tools.

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