surreptitious and delicious  

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11/29/2005 1:18 pm

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surreptitious and delicious

so i leant my sexy orange ibanez to this kid darren for a show he's playing this evening, and now i'm cursing myself for doing so. i mean, he's not even my friend, he's more of a friend of a friend, and i don't know him or trust him at all. i'm so nervous. what if he hurts my baby, or doesn't bring it back in a timely fashion, or decides that he's pete townshend and smashes it into an amp? stupid darren!
stupider me. he's not even attractive, or, from what i can tell, a particularly nice person. he says "smell you later." habitually. so why am i currying favor with this dink?
i saw the new harry potter movie last night and, not surprisingly, it was rather a disappointment. i'm a big fan of the series and all ( in fact, i seem to be a big fan of anything presented in a serial format), but damn. no one would believe for a minute those kids in that movie are fourteen, except maybe hermione, who still has no boobs. poor girl. honestly, the only reason i watch the movies at all anymore is to drool over those red-headed scouse twins. my boyfriend has even graciously allowed me to do so in his presence. he says celebrity crushes are ok. ha! how little he knows. those young men playing fred and george are really sexy, with their flaming red hair and their thick northern accents. it's impossible not to have sandwich fantasies. on the downside, i bet they have hideous british teeth. then again, so do i, what with the cigarettes and the coffee.
speaking of delicious coffee, i think i'll make a pot now. then i can be even more anxious and jittery about the fate of my beloved instrument.

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11/30/2005 4:41 am

bass is the sexiest instrument

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