fur pride  

solickable222 33F
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12/3/2005 3:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

fur pride

jesus, why are so many guys averse to a little hair? they're covered in it, aren't they? all i hear is, "are you shaven?" "do you shave it?", etc. and then i feel bad, because, while i do shave the carpet occasionally, i never shave under my arms, and they'll inevitably be disappointed. i mean, sometimes my pussy gets uncomfortable being too furry and i like the way it feels clean-shaven (not to mention that head is much better that way), but shaving my armpits never brings me anything but pain. apparently this negates all my other cuteness for a lot of men. at least my current is first generation american, of european descent, so he doesn't mind the hairy pits. and i'm bloody well part asian, so i'm not that hairy to begin with, anyway. but too hairy for the average american male.
what's with you, crazy american boys? you do realize that the origin of women shaving their bodies comes from the need for 15th century prostitutes to prove to their prospective customers that they're free of body lice? well, i'm confident that i'm louse-free, thank you very much. when you all shave your balls, your chests, and YOUR underarms, then maybe we can negotiate.
i guess it's BECAUSE men are hairy that they prefer their women to be all smooth and fur-free. they see hair, they think, "ew, masculine," despite all evidence to the contrary (hello, see the titties? i am woman!). whatever. i retain the right to shave or not to shave as i see fit, and if you boys are too insecure in your own sexuality to recognize that having a little hair does not make me a big butch man, then i guess you're not for me.
this rant inspired by the three successive guys who asked me during a chat if i shaved various bits of me, and in particular by the one who refused to go down on me unless i shaved.
fur pride!

rm_ajwest77 39

12/4/2005 6:37 am

i was just thinking about this yesterday! it's like, no girls have pubes anymore! not even the old "landing strip" shaving pattern. don't get me wrong, the first time i was with a girl with a shaved pussy i thought it was hot! and it definitely makes for better head, so nice and smooth and slippery. but i think i'm feeling a bit nostalgic as of late.

i definitely don't want to go exploring any jungles, but as long as you keep it clean then so what? all i ask is for a little personal hygiene.

same thing goes for the underarms! i actually keep mine closely trimmed, and i'm a guy! on girls, it really bothers a lot of people, but as long as it's not out of control i don't mind.

then again, i tend to think and see things differently than most people...

guess i'm weird.

solickable222 33F

12/4/2005 1:55 pm

well, i'm weird too (although i prefer the euphemism "unique"). weird can be sexy...you know, unless it's the type of weird where you bury all the bodies in your basement.
anyway, thanks for the enlightened attitude. i am certainly quite tidy in my hairiness, although for you, i think i would be more than happy to shave (quietly angling for delicious oral sex).

rm_ajwest77 39

12/4/2005 3:24 pm

oral sex with you certainly sounds delicious...

like banana cupcakes with coffee frosting

rm_oldwolf6942 60M

12/5/2005 12:30 pm

I like a dirt basement I know of many females who don't shave their underarms, they do shave and trim other areas.

Guys think about this after you shave your face then you put aftershave on ( this is usually alcohol based ) OUCH. Think about having to put deoderant on after shaveing under your arms Cringing just thinking about it

rm_wmassrep 47M
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12/6/2005 10:40 am

From your looks and banter, I'd take you any way like that day...Hairy, Some hair, Little hair, No hair.

I myself do keep my downstairs nice and tidy...but not bare...Regards

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