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11/30/2005 1:51 pm

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just when i start wanting to kill him, my boyfriend does something sweet and cute. he cleaned the bathroom for me today and then ran me a bubble bath, and then gave me head in the tub. and THEN he bought me lunch from the organic foods store, even though he hates that sort of thing (he's the only vegetarian i've ever met who doesn't like vegetables). maybe he senses subconsciously that his position as my alpha male is in jeopardy. i'm all warm and relaxed now. i feel like a puddle of melted butter.
but anyway, it doesn't matter how sweet he is to me, i still can't stop fantasizing about being unfaithful. he put the idea in my head, anyway, when he accused me of sleeping with my seventeen year old coworker this summer.
i drove my friend back to the train station this morning so she could ride back to the city. stopped for a slice of divine blueberry pie and a watery cup of diner coffee on the way back. it's nice to have the house to myself again. i love all my friends, but it's bloody stressful having to play hostess day in and day out. not being able to walk around the house naked is irksome, as well.
that little prick darren promised me he would have my bass back to me by four today, and it's almost five now. i am going to smash his face in. i expected this, though, i guess, and it's not as if i desperately need the thing back today. but i miss it, and i could in theory be practicing right now, aggravating my carpal tunnel in a completely different way. i'm too lethargic to worry about it right now. if it ain't back by tomorrow, heads are gonna roll.

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12/3/2005 11:03 am

you loaned your bass to somebody? bad idea. tell darren to get his own fukking bass.

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