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soldierxtrm 38M
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12/2/2005 12:54 am

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I just wrote em

Things go on day after day
No one notices nothing is the same.
Life calls out “Do you except my challenge?”
“To live with the hunger and strive beyond the balances.”
Except nothing and always ask why
The future is out there the many not few die
Without knowing or asking “Who am I to you?”
The Bozo, the bimbo, or the Great Calaman do.
What are these things that label our names
Beside us, before us, tracing each step we’ve made.
A judgment, a calling, or penance we make.
Desires end is knocking at your door.
Do you open and answer then need no more.
Or question why and demand to be heard.
What right or authority do you have to serve?
Me… ME! With this so-called gift?
A blessing? Blessing. A curse is what I’m left with.
No heart, no longing, or wanting just bust.
Just here, It is what it is.
Daunting till dusk…


So I must assume there is no end.
No beginning or middle
Just a general weaving amongst friends
Simple pleasantries of you to be adorned
Shocking revealing lustful with scorn
Amid this circle of few
I stand looking at all of you.
Like eyes peering out of all sides of my head
Seeing is believing, so to be my dread.
For this putrid, aching vileness arrives
Erupting, no spewing confusion and pride.
Who am I to be ashamed.
Who are you to make me feel this way?
These questions, this turmoil my mindless fit.
Its over. That’s nothing. All of you.
Suck my Dick!


_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

12/2/2005 8:34 am

you didnt use the magic word....
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