mmmmm He came back to me in my dream again  

softnlush 53F
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6/16/2006 4:58 am
mmmmm He came back to me in my dream again

Yes..the man himself..Peter neck is sore *laughs*..In this dream I am in my apartment..I am summoning him to me..and I turn around and there he is..white skin,green eyes,tall beyond belief,long silky black hair and with a blink of an eye,he is on me,softly moving his lips all over my neck,finding the sweet spot and slowly,sank his fangs into me.

I clutch at him as his "kiss" makes my knees buckle and he steadies me and walks me to my door..we head for the heavens as our embrace becomes more heated..I lick his neck and I sink my fangs in,we go even higher (when I dream of flying my stomach does flip flops as if on a rollercoaster)..the feeling of feeding off eachother is intensely erotic.

We land on a mountain top and he lays me down on the cool wet grass,he lifts the bottom of my gown,touching my womanhood,groaning as he slips a long finger inside me..I sat up and undid his leather pants,his cock is always hard and it is huge he lies back as I straddle him..I lower my upper body to sink my fangs into him again as I pump his cock for all I am worth..I climax as I pull away from his neck,licking the cherry chocolate flavored nectar off my lips..his blood so sweet,rotating my hips just a little more to get him off,he cums loudly,thrusting his pelvis harder and harder..he rolls me off him and lays on me,his head resting between my breasts,listening for a heartbeat that no longer is there,yet knowing as undead as we are,we have never been more alive..I run my fingers through his hair as we just lie in eachothers arms for a bit..then we fix ourselves and decide we worked up an appetite and fly through the heavens again looking for our victim,our meal..then I woke up *sighs*

mmmmm love when he comes to me in my dreams..look forward to seeing him again sometime..purrrrrrrrrr

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