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11/5/2005 5:01 pm

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I am sick..yep got the flargin cold that Blu had and now I feel like my eyes are oozing out of my sockets from the pressure..and my nose is all stuffed..and on top of that..I am so fuckin attractive I look,pale,nose running..eyes watery.."hey baby wanna lick some pussy?"...grrr and who I am I offering my shit up to anyways? My FWB is still where he is,tho he is cumming back sometime this month or so I hear..grrrr..I mean yipeeee

I have NO idea when I am moving into this god forsaken apartment..should have been this weekend..hopefully before turkey day..lets send me some good moving vibes that I know this week that I am in next is time..I need my own place,my own space to do anything..or nothing.

Spending this Sat night alternating from the computer to sleeping..went to the store cause I have cravings for sweets (which goes hand in hand with the whole horny thing..when I cannot have cock..I must have sweets)..will spend most of tomorrow in bed as well..I really cannot work feeling like this and I reallllllllly do not want to take a day off right now when I am gonna need one once I am settled in at the new apartment.

Anyway to anyone who read this,sorry that there are not any descriptive sexual details..but it is bad enuf that I feel horny,do I have to write it all out and feel even hornier hehe?

Have a great weekend

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