Yesssssssss My Peter Steele dreams/fantasies have returned.......  

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6/1/2006 6:07 am

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6/4/2006 3:32 pm

Yesssssssss My Peter Steele dreams/fantasies have returned.......

Ok before I begin this one,and it is sooo vivid as it was the last dream I had before I woke,I am very into this band from NY called Type-o-negative,they had other incarnations but this is the one that I like..Their music now is more gothic,very vampiristic(if that is a word),erotic in some ways..and the lead tall,very tall over 6'5" I believe,black hair down to the bottom of his back,green eyes,and the dentist gave him some fangs..not too much,but they're there..his voice deep,his speaking voice just as deep..I have met him once or twice in Brooklyn..his very pressence is intimitading..but grrrrrrrrrrrrrr if only I just told him I wanted to ride his pole just once,but I never did..after seeing his spread in playgirl I still kick myself in the ass for for the dream..vampire fans will love it..everyone else will think me strange..oh well..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..the dream:

It began as it usually did,it is midnight and the moon is full,I am already a vampire as he made me previously..but I am not hungry for the blood of mortal want him,my maker,my dark prince,my dark lover..but he is no where in my I take to the skies..I know where he is since my vampiric sixth sense always tells me where to seek I float all over the moonlight skies I sense he is below, Los Angeles,at a club,he and his band are about to perform and I glide effortlessly towards the direction of his aura. I can go through closed windows and I land inside the club..

I am wearing a gown,with flowing sleeves,dark purple with gold trimming,my hair is longer than it is now but the same color,my eyes are brown but clear,my skin white,my teeth aching for him.

I stand off side stage and he is singing "Cinnamon Girl" and his eyes catch mine and he unbeating heart leaping into my throat,as the hunger builds..

Last song and he comes towards me,that deep voice penetrating my soul as he said "good girl,you arrived"..we kiss,our tongues gently dancing into eachothers mouths and he slips his lips to my neck and gently,then firmly the fire of his bite,the sucking of my blood,I tremble,holding onto him,groaning as my passion filled his mouth.

I in turn,moved his hair off his neck,slowly with the tip of my tongue traced where I would take him,and slowly then firmly sank my teeth in,his blood sweet,like cherry flavored chocolate,he grabbed onto me tighter as I took what I could before he released himself from me. We both now,flushed with eachothers life (or in this case undead)force and he took my hand and we both flew into the heavens,enwrapped in eachothers arms and heading back to our place,our crypt,beautifully decorated and there was a bed, a beautiful king sized bed with black satin sheets,huge pillows,a wrought iron canopy with black silk curtains..the room filled with red candles all lit..and he laid me down on it..kissing me,biting me,sucking me..I,wrapping my fingers in his gorgeous head of hair,he unleashes his cock from his leather pants and pulls up my gown "no panties,princess,good girl" with that voice that makes me tremble. He entered me as he bit hard into my neck..I came instantly,wrapping my legs around his waist and ass,groaning so loudly we woke up the dead (wait we are the dead oops),I bit into him and he came in that instant,we crawl into eachothers arms and sleep our windowless crypt..until the moon comes again and we begin our flight of passion again..

What a beautiful dream..I have not had it in a long while..and it came again to me last night..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


rm_john8131986 30M
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6/1/2006 10:55 am

can i do you?

rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
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6/1/2006 3:52 pm

Isn't wonderful how a very good sexual encounter can just ramp up the eroticism in all aspects of your life? Enjoy!

pinellascpl4fun2 36M/40F
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6/1/2006 6:24 pm

Hey there,

Nice blog. Damn hes such a stud. Wish I had cool dreams, I usually get the random crapy ones. I think the song shoud have been "Be My Druidess" ..."I'll do make you cum" Thanks for sharing that blog. From one Type-o fan to another.


rm_JohnMacLaine 50M
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6/3/2006 5:20 pm

I love their music, I remember when they first came out in the early 90's I believe it was. Or at least that's when I first heard them. I love their dark type of music, and if ths guy is the same lead singer that has been with them since day one, he is a bit of a mystery, and I honestly believe he thinks he is a vampire.

Nice to have dreams like this, it adds a litte bit of adventure to your life as well as excitement. glad you could wake up with a smile on your face...

Now about your young stud from the oher night....

any updates??


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