Well, the circle of life..  

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7/28/2005 5:08 pm

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Well, the circle of life..

Not sure I shared much about my mother,but she recently passed away,she lost her battle with lung cancer and at the age of 60 yrs old,she gently left this realm,she was my beautiful,brave,stubborn,aggravating,exasperating,hysterically funny and wonderful mom..she was my closest girlfriend and my biggest adversary,like most (if not all) mother/daughter relationships are..contrary to a post I read on another board (har har hardy har har).

Shortly after the funeral,I moved here and shortly after that,my sister told me she was pregnant,she told me she is certain she conceived at a time when it would be physically impossible to become pregnant and she said,mom must have really wanted me to try for a girl..and now I just got an IM from my brother..the baby is on it's way,she is in labor and I am feeling alot of things right now, but these 2 stand out of all the emotions I am feeling,excitement for her.. and of course,sadness that my mom is going to miss this grandchild. I prayed really hard that this would be a girl baby..the first born to this family in over 17 yrs..but alas,we are expecting another pishy boy..so that may have been my mom's sense of humor,if she had to miss it,better not be a girl LOL..who knows..but I am sitting here,trying to find cheap airline tickets to get my happy ass to NY to meet this little boy..but it will have to wait a week I think,the fares are just way way too high and I have not started my new job,so money is very tight until the first pay check dang it!!..So,my sister is pushing out this little person,my brother is in a cab heading to the hospital,and I have the phone at arms reach for the call from my brother in law to give me the name,size and all that good stuff..should not be long,based on the previous 2 she had..I expect a call in about an hour or so..this is cool

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