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softnlush 53F
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7/24/2006 5:56 am

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9/4/2006 6:59 am


So I see yet another person in a certain group is also sick of the foul shit going on..when did this happen exactly..I place my first tinges of unhappiness in January..and it esclated to 2 months ago..too much shit stirrers,too many games and way too many misunderstandings..too much high school drama for my tastes.

She mentioned the hook ups as akin to incest..totally agree..if women really realized the men they hooked up with (some not all)have had more than 1/2 the women there,I think they would live in their showers..really!!

The new crowd that joined in the last couple of months..for the most part seem like decent people and I enjoyed meeting them..but there are 2..OMG..I cannot even say what I really think for fear my blog will be shut down for mass amounts of profanity I would use to describe them LOL.

Someone called a good friend a liar..she will not tell me who,I have to assume I know them and probably would be confrontational,because anyone who knows her..knows this..what goes on in the vault ...stays in the vault...like me..I cannot promise tho,if I live well into my nineties and write my memoirs that the vault will not be opened..but I will change the names to protect the guilty hehe.

Usually someone calls someone a liar when they have no proof of it for one reason,they are projecting what they are onto the other person..if a liar calls out who they think is a liar,that makes them not the only one..guess what assholes?? You are still a liar..call anyone else that if you need to,the facts are you probably are the worst of the liars...am I right?

So yeah,as glad as I am inside that my friend finally see's my point of view..and trust me never once did I ask her to leave this group..just because I am not a member does not give me the right or the invitation to ask someone to stand with me..you do what you need to do,you do what you want to do..you are still my friend no harm..no foul..but I am glad she see's that I did not have a tantrum..that this shit can poison your own self worth,self esteem my self preservation..I do not like to be in toxic situations and avoid it at all costs..this was for me a toxic by the month situation..and I had to go..now it touched this person and she is taking a break,cause she can never really go,she is addicted to it still..I felt detox the first day or so,then I felt it no longer.

Yes I want to have a get together with my friends,and I truly did make some friends..and even though I can count on 3 and now 4 fingers why I cannot consider coming back to the group..I do not want to lose the connections I made..so as soon as I can get Blu and fannn together,we will do something somewhere fun..with just the people I care about and I am sorry it is this way..but my mental health is more important than getting fucked in the ass without lube,simply so we can all get along..I do not care to get along with folks who are fakes,users,liars,cheaters,back stabbers,drama queens..and the center of all the universe in their world..I have no room for you people..no room at all..so be gone already,start your own fan club..trust me,there are some fools who will join gladly..and we will all be better off

Ahhhh feels good to release hehe

Happy Monday


LovableAscending 59F

7/24/2006 4:25 pm

We all have to take care of ourselves, because no one else is going to watch out for us. Sometimes that means breaking ties with someone else to become more healthy - emotionally and physically.

softnlush replies on 7/25/2006 5:53 am:
yep..and now drama is abound again...it really is almost comical..but back to what you commented,yes,sometimes to be healthy you must cut away what can poison you,not so easy to do at first,but once it is done..the freedom you feel,the weight lifted,your thoughts clear..that,my friend is the amazing part..ahhhhh

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