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4/4/2006 8:02 pm

Today I am tired..very tired..I guess I miss that hour we lost a little more than I bargained for *giggles*..

Today I had physical therapy and it is weird,because if I rest my leg on something..the pain is almost blinding..but if I softly touch it..I feel nothing..not 1 thing..it feels like my leg is not even part of me..it is so strange.

They put the electrodes on my leg and she told me what to expect and what I felt ..was nothing..she had it as high as it could go and I felt not even a tingle..I was concerned actually.

The doc saw me and explained that my nerves are compressed..he is concerned about my ankle and knee and forsees an mri of my leg in my future..oh well..but he said the feeling on my shin should come back once the swelling is fully gone..lets hope so...but it was funny telling him I feel nothing and when he pressed on it..I screamed and cried..LOL.

Today once again I saw the car that hit me..not a mark on it..as if nothing happened..as if it did not cause me to be in this predicament..well it didn't..she did...she has yet to even come to my desk..I guess I expected too much.

I do not think I shared with everyone..but I got my 6 months review and I got a raise as well as a bonus and it may be that I am promoted either the end of this month early next month..so that is something good .

Anyway..my muse went to bed..my other friend went to bed..I am going to bed too..

Until we blog again...

happy tuesday


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