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7/20/2006 5:52 am

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I dunno..I woke up this morning and said to myself...myself,I am realllllllllllllllllllllllly getting sick of all this NO sex shit that is going on.

There is someone who is showing interest,thing is,as intrigued as I am,not sure about him,we chat online,chat on the phone,he does not live too far,so what am I doing,exactly? Not sure I want a "regular" thing with him,not sure I really want anything with him,there are things..little things,that tell me beware..but those very same things are saying..badboy purrrrrrrrrrrr..yep,42 yrs old and the bad boys are still making me curious,like a cat,and you know what they say about curiousity and cats,right? So my rational side is saying..NO..and my horny irrational side is sayin very loudly I might add..scratch this itch for gods sakes woman.

Angel on my right shoulder,whispering in my ear,FWB is still in the states (long story and he is in virtual limbo-but as the days of not going stretch,the whole going in the first place may not happen-YAY),wait for him,he does you right,we like not do anything foolish.

Devil on my left shoulder,screaming in my bad ear,fuck this new guy from here to next week,just get some for Gods sakes woman,you are killing us!!! Are you waiting for the next great thing? He does not EXIST,you found them already..forget it,get laid,make us happy,make us in a better mood..just DO IT!!

So I sit with my thoughts,yes,I am extremely horny,sure I would love it if FWB were actually IN FLA instead of where he is..but this new one,he is kinda cute..ok really cute..and he is soooo close,really close location wise (comparitivly speaking from FWB's location)..why not give him a toss,send him on his way,lock it in the vault and THEN wait for the big guy?? Come on please..for me? I swat devil on my shoulder..stop barragging me with images of fire and lust,I will kick YOUR ASS!!

Yea,so I am thinking about it..this guy surely does keep me on my toes..I know he is interested..then he will say something stupid and I say,no way...devil on my shoulder bites me..Angel hugs me..what to do??? what to do indeed....

Happy Thursday


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