This Coming Friday..another year added *sighs*  

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8/23/2006 7:23 am

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8/24/2006 7:22 am

This Coming Friday..another year added *sighs*

I am gonna be another year older in 2 days..cripes..I hate my birthday..I really do,I never really enjoyed any of them from ages 30 fact,have not celebrated it since then either,the first time my birthday was celebrated since my 30 over the hill bash was about 2 years ago when I was in PA..I came home from work to see a nice dinner and cake and it was nice..

Last year I came home from work to see a nice dinner and cake and that was even nicer..I also got a phone call during my dinner,it was FWB and I felt it was not right to just leave a dinner that was obviously so planned much as I wanted to see was just not the right thing to do and he was only going to be around for a couple of hours,he came in to deliver some paperwork and was waiting for a plane to take him back over seas..I reluctantly told him I could not see him and enjoyed my dinner with my friends..

This year..I decided I wanted to do PhoenixBlu and bucfannn and I are heading to Universal Studios On Friday (I put in for that day months ago since I decided years ago if my birthday falls out on a weekend or Monday I will take that day off and make a long weekend out of it)..something different,and it is during the day and we still get home in time to do something at night..maybe go out dancing (or in my case watching dancing since my leg is still not 100 prcnt)..maybe not..who knows..who knows..I also know UFC is happening the night after my birthday..but not sure if I will go to Rudy's or not..I will think about it,though.

One of my co-workers,who is also from NY,wanted to see how much it would be to head there for Labor Day Weekend..too expensive and not enough time..we would have to leave early saturday morning and be back before 10am on Tues to get to work on time..but we are planning a trip after the New Year once we get to pick our days off..looking forward to that.

I wish I knew where FWB was..I have not heard hide nor hair from him since our last chat when he thought he would be in the TampaBay area..I hope nothing bad happened when he left THERE to come here..I guess I will know more when he contacts me again *sighs*

Anyway..I think I killed enuf time..time to go to work..again..happy Hump Day


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8/23/2006 8:06 am

Hey sexy lady sounds like you need a good pick me up.I'm a lil younger than you but I only remember my own bithday because I have so many others that come before and after.One thing is for sure for a great gift to yourself I would suggest in a toy or two.Then find a sexy and qualified man such as myself to use it on you.I'm sure there will be a good movie out.Then some dinner to give you energy for the long night ahead will be good.I would suggest somewhere with a bar in it.That way you can sip a little something while you eat.Then a nice walk on the beach this time of year depending on your area.And nothing beats a nice hotel room.It cool to be at you or his place but I've found the wildest sex is done at the hotel.Just think a few strawberries with a small cup of chocalate sauce.A jacuzzi with a sexy man in it.A bed with candles burning next to it and some that new oil that KY has out.I'm sure this will make it a HAPPY BITHDAY indeed.Let me know how it goes.

1Sir_Lancelot 59M

8/23/2006 8:58 am

Well you may not celebrate it and this could get me in trouble but HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

rm_ImHarley3 63M  
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8/23/2006 10:06 am

My dear pretty lady, though I know you don't want to think about it, I must wish you a happy birthday 2 days hence. I do so not out of malice or to make you unhappy but because I face the same day for the same reason. Good old August 25th. It will be 53 of them for me and I am polite enough and well mannered enough to not inquire the same of a lady. It has been a long time since I have thought of this particular day as anything but another day, though all that know me seem to take great pleasure in making sure that I acknowledge this 1 day of all the year. Especially those hard hearted & cruel ones who have not seen quite so many (may their feet burn on hot concrete and their eyelashes fall out). But I decided a long time ago that I would meet each one of these dreadful days with grace and well mannered words and thoughts. And I believe I have. I have not used that male hair and beard dye they now make for us old geeysers nor do I intend to. Oops, sorry. Not very graceful verbiage there, was it. I do tend to crack under the stress of keeping that graceful demeanor at times but then again we are all human. And though it now takes me a good 90 seconds to stand back up after kneeling (knees are not what they use to be) I very rarely make statements that may not be suitable for more tender ears nor do I even show that I even notice the knowing smiles as my first step after restanding is a limp. So I just let everyone else talk about my b-word day. They all seem to enjoy it so much, who am I to ruin their joy and pleasure? Of course if they would all look at it as I do, they would just have to act as though it was just another day and not a day to poke fun at. Like saying, “See that hill over there?” “Oh. Sorry. You’re already over it, aren’t you?” And, “Good thing the candles don’t weigh much. If they did, we’d need a fork lift.” You know how they do. The swine. Oh well. I just comfort myself by knowing that, by God, it’s not to long before it’s my turn to do the same to them and oh, how I will enjoy that day. I shall rejoice in their discomfort. And I plan on doing so with great vigor and much pleasure. May their lips crack with their mirth, their bellies swell from many meals of hot dogs and may their dogs hike a leg on their shoes.
And my dear Pretty Lady, have a very good day (I will not use the B word) and rejoice in the fact that both you and I have bravely faced another one of them. Though not a great day, it is marked by both of our’s immaculate conception. And please know that this was all tongue and cheek and in an effort to make you smile. And yes, mine was August 25, 1953. Happy Birthday, Pretty Lady. It is our day. Enjoy.
Rejoice that in 3 days hense, we have another 364 days before it depresses us again.

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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8/23/2006 10:22 am

We are gonna have fun Universal will never be the same after Friday!

Gee, chica. How I WISH I was your age. Remember, in just a few short weeks, I'm going into another damn decade. (Heh, I almost typed century.)

Hows about we don't talk birthdays anymore? Just consider them an anniversary. I'm stopping after the 14th of Sept anyway...

justlooking7118 105M

8/23/2006 11:56 am

I hope you gals have a great time!
Maybe snl will get a surprise call from FWB? That would be cool!!

justlooking7118 105M

8/24/2006 4:36 am

    Quoting justlooking7118:
    I hope you gals have a great time!
    Maybe snl will get a surprise call from FWB? That would be cool!!
OMG!!! I must be psychic!!
It happened the same day!!

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