The day after I pressed..leave this group..  

softnlush 53F
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6/13/2006 5:21 pm

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7/27/2006 2:58 pm

The day after I pressed..leave this group..

I have to say since I made my decision to go my own way..I have felt a sense of peace already..I enjoy perusing the blogs..I enjoy writing my blog..I enjoy,even after modifying my profile yet again..getting my filtered emails,saying what a great gal I am and how my profile is everything they are looking gorgeous eyes..not a pic of the eyes at all to be found,but hey..they love my eyes lmao,and there are alot of 20 something hard up dudes out there..yikes!!

I was thinking about turns of events that occured since I joined this group..I am thankful that my hurt feelings are more for others than myself..that I managed to avoid the game players..albeit one whom I rather not remember if you want to know the truth..but hey,we all have our crosses to bear right?

I cannot post on the main board since I left,so I stopped taking a peak,another thing I feel good about as I realized just today,how often I did indeed look at the main bored,it was part of my routine and today..well,I did not look at it once..I did not even check my emails yet,probably won't until tomorrow,afterall I pretty much know what is there..either nothing (hopefully),or the usual "love your eyes,your profile is right on,you are perfect for me based on what you say in your profile".

I was happy to see that everyone seems to get why I left and did not make a huge deal out of is not big deal worthy.

I am hoping I did not hurt anyone's feelings when I did not post on the main board one last time,as others have done to say their goodbyes..but I am from the school,if you are gonna leave..just leave,do not make announcements..the announcement was on the blog where it belonged..not on the main board where I could not reply had anyone really cared enough to ask why and again,the reason not belonging on the main board for obvious reasons.

Some say I should have went out with a bang,and state exactly why I was leaving and the person who pissed me off,but I said,it was not the post per was the last straw,if I did not feel the way I felt already,that post would have just slid by as others have that have pissed me off in the past..but it can take just a tiny spark to set something was not JUST this poster,it was several observations made at the last meet and greet and others before it..if you look back at some of my blog posts after would see there is a pattern..after a meet and greet,after a palace event..a pattern,something ticked me off,I would shake it off,I would blog/contemplate my feelings and perhaps would think to leave..and yesterday..I decided to hop off the fence is all.

I still think it was shitty of that poster to write that one thing in their post that to me,was a poison dart aimed at someone (I doubt it was directed at me,but I still have compassion and am sensitive to when someone is hurting someone's feelings for NO reason other than to just do it)..but if it is directed at me..then just say it outright..but I do bite back,and when I bite,YOU know why and who..I do not play guessing games. That is not a challenge,it just the way I am..people who truly know me know this..I can be tactful but,as a rule,I am honest and I am blunt..and if it weren't for the fact that I do have some decorum,I would flatly state who pissed me off,I gave enough hints..and this person is one of the "favorites",I am still trying to figure out why though if you want to know the truth.

I spoke to several friends today online that know what I did,some who were also members at one time briefly and felt I did the right thing when I explained why I did what I did. Others once they knew,realized it as well,I am not asking for anyone to give a shit,or agree or disagree with me,not about that..nor do I care what most think about that other poster,sure I care what people think of me,if I am remembered as a genuine person,as an honest person,as a person with grace and integrity,that is all I can ask for.

There was a time not too long ago when I actually enjoyed every single member of this group as a whole unit as well as changed along the way especially since January/February..for me,I guess not for the better,I relish the ones that I do care about and there are many and I hope honestly to always remain if not great friends,close aquaintances at the very least..I will try if you will try..but right now,I have to say..I am pretty content in my decision..I am sorry I will not be there on the 30th..I hope everyone has a blast though


AltumHunksUnite 53M

6/14/2006 10:12 am

I still think it was kinda silly to leave just because of what one person said.

Heck, if I had done that, I would have left last summer.

Still, I respect your decision and your reason. I have the email address you sent me. Don't be a stranger, okay? Show up for stuff sometimes.

Let me drive. I like the view

softnlush replies on 6/15/2006 6:58 am:
If it was over 1 person of course it will be silly,but it is a culmination of things that led up to this,I just realized it is not for me,I am an avid people person..I love to watch people,I love to interact with people,then there are some where I just skeeve to be around them,and there are far too many that make me feel that way,rather than the other way..maybe I need a break for a few months,maybe I just need to socialize with those of you I actually do enjoy (you being one of them)..I do not need to do it once a month with people I don't know what I mean?

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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6/14/2006 5:19 pm

for the record, the person who the comment was about replied and said something about it. i still dont know and dont care what it was about. so it wasnt you

softnlush replies on 6/15/2006 6:12 am:
as I said,it was not the post was the shit behind it but not the entire reason I left as you already know..and I could care less who it was about..just send it privately ya know?..sighs

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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6/15/2006 6:07 am

I'll miss our "dates".

I'm hoping some day you will change your mind, though. I can teach you to play pool... that way you won't have to be around the crap

softnlush replies on 6/15/2006 6:08 am:
a woman's perogative is to change her mind,but if the element remains..why bother? It will never change and I am over it the great thing about me and you..we can see eachother any time we a want..and laugh our asses off as usual..right? ((hugs))

redheadedangel33 48F

6/15/2006 5:32 pm

I miss you and will miss you alot at my birthday but you do what you need to to make yourself feel better and no matter what I will always be here for you


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