The Voting machine hiccupped..  

softnlush 53F
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8/31/2006 6:23 am

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8/31/2006 6:26 pm

The Voting machine hiccupped..

OK Last night was the elimination show and shocking (or not) since they pic 5 and only 6 are girl Dilana was in the bottom 3 for the first,of course perhaps her behavior last week caused some issues,perhaps the voters wanted to knock her down a peg or 2..but I can also say,voting that night was not easy..kept getting error message and I maybe was able to get 10 votes in for her between those messages and my computer crashing afterwards..hopefully it was a technical glitch that caused this surprising turn of events..yea thats the ticket

Ryan went home..I was surprised..I thought it would be Storm..but we shall see what next week brings..we shall see indeedy.

So it is a lovely Thursday..sunny,no rain hovering..the storm has passed..yay horray!!

Nuthin much left to say..this week uneventful and all that best friend..of almost 27 yrs..PhoenixBlu here on AdultFriendFinder is leaving FLA and heading NJ way her old stomping grounds..this is her last weekend with dinner on Sat night..I am very sad about this turn of events since I came here because of her..*sighs*..anyone wanna comfort me? Any over 6ft,single,aggressive,over 35 yr old,NORMAL,circumsized,again NORMAL? around? yea..didn't think so either LOL

Happy Thursday


FLfantasyman 64M

8/31/2006 8:46 am

Only 5'10 otherwise - would love to.
Glad both Dilana and Storm survived!

Xeryien 51M
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8/31/2006 9:06 am

I watched Rockstar all the way through for the first time last night (I usually just watch your girl when she comes on - just on your recommendation!); I missed the Tuesday show.... I have to say that if I had just tuned in - I would have booted Dilana with out any hesitation - what was she doing!?! I thought Ryan and Storm did pretty well.... And I cannot, in any way, shape or form imagine Lucas fronting that band. Or worse yet, what his groupies would look like... (Anyway - that's my 2 cents!)

I assume you survived Tropical Cloud Ernesto?

And I can't believe it, I fit all of your criteria! (Well, Normal is subjective... I prefer Abby-Normal myself...)

justlooking7118 105M

8/31/2006 9:06 am

Gee, I'm sorry to hear that a good friend is leaving you.
We both know why I won't do for comfort, but since I am a former Jersey boy myself, I can make myself available for talking if you need it, FRIENDS ONLY!! I promise not to make a move on you.

Now, on to Dilana. Psycho Killer was probably the worst song choice she could have made. It didn't come out as well as she is capable of.
Knowing that the time is short, and they have to get rid of more people, I'm surprised they didn't kick out Ryan and Storm last night. I am curious to see how they go about knocking the number down in the short time they have left.

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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8/31/2006 1:26 pm

i agree on psycho killer not being a great song..its virtually talking! She did ok, and i dont think even if she was in the bottom for the rest of the show (all of 2 weeks) they wouldnt drop her.

Its likely that next week they will drop 2 and make it a final 3 thing or maybe the last week they will do a final 4..who knows.

As for Lukas, i'll concede hes not without talent but hes is SO not for this band. Hes a punk/heavy alternative guy and looking at the previous bands of Supernova you have Motley Crue, GnR and there punk OR alternative in there?
If he won i'd sell my tickets for the Orlando show back to ticketmaster LOL

redheadedangel33 48F

8/31/2006 4:23 pm

Toby still is awesome


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