Technicolor Dreams....  

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8/23/2006 6:46 am

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8/24/2006 8:26 pm

Technicolor Dreams....

I had the oddest dreams last night..they all kinda jumbled into eachother,but it was a fun and at one point disturbing dream so I wanna share it..

I am leading a tour group thru Seattle and I meet Ann and Nancy Wilson from heart,we are invited to listen to them jam and they started singing Crazy on You and I started singing along,Ann was soooo taken with my singing that she asked me to join the band and next thing you know..I am on stage..singing with the Wilson sisters and holding my own..after the gig,it turns out that my friends from work were there and we decided to go out somewhere and we head to my car,Ann and Nancy decide to join us and their car is behind my car..all of a sudden a massive wind storm comes and my entire winshield blows off my car..intact..we spent a few mins just placing it back on my car..we drive along..I see FWB standing in the middle of the road,I look to my right and now I am alone in my car and I am back in Tampa..he gets in and we gooooo..

We end up in Los Angeles,parked in front of the Capitol Records building and he and I are making out like school kids,when we pull apart FWB turned into Tommy Lee and I am married to him..yep we are married and I am pregnant..very pregnant..and I see FWB again,dressed like kid rock and with Tommy's former wife Pam Anderson who is pretty pissed at seeing me preggers with Tommy's kid and all I keep thinking is I rather be with FWB (even tho he looks just like kid rock and that is just scary)..Tommy and I leave and go to band rehearsal and guess who the singer is..NO it is not is Vince Neil and I am looking for Dilana and Tommy is like..we did not work out..we needed Vince and I was sad..very sad..I then decide to head back to Seattle and all of a sudden I am not pregnant anymore..I am in my car and I think I am heading to Seattle and I see FWB again in the middle of the road and I get him in the car..

Driving along and back in Tampa..heading to where? I end up at a co workers place and it seems I live in this complex too..FWB is still there and his hands are all over me as I fumble for my keys and none of them work..

I woke up this morning..feeling incredibly disheveled..I felt like instead of sleep I spent weeks travelling and my body is is even now hours after waking up,showering and killing time before I have to leave for work..

So,how was your night of sleeping???

Happy Hump Day


1Sir_Lancelot 60M

8/23/2006 8:51 am

All I want to know is what did you eat before you went to bed so I can stay far away from it. I did notice how FWB kept comming back in the dream. As for how you felt that's easy, all you did was toss and turn last night, hell you sang with Heart, spent some time with FWB, went from Seattle to LA, married Tommy Lee, got pregnant, drove back to Seattle, met FWB again...... So much for getting ant rest. LOL

justlooking7118 106M

8/23/2006 11:51 am

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately either. We have a new puppy in the house and he keeps getting up at 5 am to go to the bathroom.

Your dreams sound like your desires all jumbled into one wacky soap opera!
You want Dilana to win Rockstar (Dilana and Tommy references), you ache for FWB, and you love Ann and Nancy Wilson and their music.

Definately your luscious mind working overtime!!

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