Taking a Chance...  

softnlush 53F
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4/4/2006 7:54 pm

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Taking a Chance...

Chances..I have been known to take a few in my life..to be honest,most have been great..and went well..some of course do not..But I so enjoy taking the risk because if you don't,how do you really know what will happen??

Fear can stop someone dead in their tracks,fear of hurting themselves,of hurting others,saying it wrong,going to far..and I too can relate to that.

But what about if it doesn't go bad? What if you take a chance and realize it was the best decision you made..the world did not stop spinning,pain was not the end result..instead what if...happiness was the end result..what if?

I want to take a chance..I want to just do something and not worry about what can go wrong,instead go forward and know what will go right?

Has anyone taken a chance and against all odds was the best thing you ever did? Tell me about it..tell me how it went..I so want to hear some inspirational stories


heavensent1123 52F

4/5/2006 3:26 am

I love taking chances, especially the ones when your almost guaranteed to fail, but then I also love a challenge.
I know this isn't what your talking about but I took a chance moving here. I'd never been alone in my entire life. I was scared and lonely of course, not knowing anyone. Those parting words he said to me wouldn't allow me to back down though.... You'll be back, you can't make it on your own.
It's been almost a year now, and I've never been happier. Sometimes things worked out and sometimes they didn't, it's part of growing, it's part of being a woman, it's part of taking a chance and maybe finding what/who you've been searching for your entire life.

softnlush replies on 4/5/2006 7:38 am:
I have no regrets in taking chances..in my risk taking I found the love of my life..I also lost a huge part of him..I left the comfort of my home and went to the coldest place on earth next to Siberia..I went with everything and left with nothing..I took a chance on a fresh start here and it took 9 months before I found my niche..some lessons were hard..some almost unbearable..but I would have kicked myself had I not just done it..I had bad things happen and did not allow it to define me..I am grateful for what I have and have made wonderful friends..I am blessed..and I am glad I took the chances I did..because I think I would not have realized how truly blessed I was


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