Something you may want to know about Me..  

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5/1/2006 6:08 am

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11/24/2006 9:29 am

Something you may want to know about Me..

1)I am not stuck up or aloof in the least,but I am very shy..if you catch me looking at you,it may be that I find you attractive and may want to talk to you,so feel free to walk up to me,I just may be an interesting conversation.

2) I am fiercely loyal to my friends and if you are rude to them,well,let's just say,you don't have a hope in hell of me being all that nice to you.

3)I get hurt easily,that came after years of trusting and then getting slammed for I tend to take things badly..not all the time,I am fairly intelligent and know the difference of honest criticism and being down right mean to me.

4)I will never ..ever..make the first move sexually with a man,I just do not do that,I may want to,I may feel the urge but I tend to follow his lead,once connection is made,after that completely different story.

5)If I give out my number,which I rarely if ever do,it is because I expect you to call if you got my digits..use them..cause I will not call you..I do not call guys..

6)If I know you are a player,or I get the impression your tastes go from any woman available to I don't care as long as you suck my dick..NOT INTERESTED!! What I find repugnant is a man who has NO discriminatory tastes at all,will just go with the flow to get his dick this day and would think choosy would be a good quality to have. YES even on a sex/swingers site!!

7)I love to be treated like a princess,and it is real simple,just be a gentleman..I know they exist and chivalry is NOT DEAD!! Open the door for me,do not look at other women while you are with me,look into my eyes,not down my top.

Telling me your net worth does not impress me,I am glad you have money..but it does not make my decisions..Although it is nice to have a man pay my way,if there is a "payback" expected for it,would rather go dutch.

9)I believe in honesty...and when I find out I have been lied to,well,that usually is a deal breaker..rather not try to figure out the truth from the BS. Life is just too short to sort it out.

10)You are not getting what you need at home? What makes you think I can give it to you?? My advice,tell her what you think you need,if she cannot do it for you,leave..then find someone you are more intune tell me you are married and not getting what you need,guarantees I will not give you what you need either.

11)Biggest gripe..if you really do not like oral sex (performing)..then you need to tell me that,no BS like "if I am really into you I love it" or worse " I do that the best of all,it is my favorite" and then you do not even venture there????!!! Not even a tiny attempt? Yet,you want me to suck your cock..hmmmm..well,see,if I tell you I love to suck cock,it is because I do and I do it well and I enjoy it..if your spunk tastes funky,I may not do it again,but at least you did experience it..but my new rule,if you want my mouth on you..ON YOUR KNEES boy!!

12) I will go without sex for months and years (if I have to)and hope for a wonderful experience with a new man that I an attracted to, rather than just fuck any dick that shows interest..I like quality..NOT quantity..

13)I will not have sex with members of a close knit group..which everyone knows by now..but just in case you wondered..NO..if there has been intermingling between a man I had an interest in and another member of the group..I will not even attempt a seduction and hope they do not get around to me..the,I did everyone but still won't do matter what if there is a new member and I like him and I want him..that is a different story,but if he goes elsewhere before me..well,he will be removed from my to-do list even if he never knew he was on the actual to do list to begin with. It just causes drama and hard feelings.

14)My fantasies run from timid to torrential..and depending on the mood and my partner I may want to live one or two as long as he is there with me.

15) I never cheated on a boyfriend..ever!!

16)I went without sex twice for 3 yrs at a time.I am now 2 1/2 months sexless since FWB has been away.

17)When I like someone..I sometimes act like a teenager all giddy and things like that,it is embarrassing really lol.

1I have had 3 threesomes MFM and 1 semi FMF if you want to know what that means..ask..I enjoyed them immensly and if the right opportunity presented itself to me,I would do it again.

19)My self confidance leaves alot to be desired but I am working on it..again it goes back to things I just do not understand where men and mating are concerned..

20)I try to be kind to everyone..until they burn me,then I am as cold as ice.

Now,if any of this was of interest to not,well,you learned something about someone you do not care either way for but I bet you are wondering what a semi FMF 3 some is ..LOL LOL

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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5/1/2006 6:53 am

Nice post. I can assimilate to quite a few...

rm_JohnMacLaine 50M
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5/1/2006 7:23 am

Very nice Read!!!!!

this kind of puts it all into place, and if they dont get it...FUCK EM!!!

*Warm Hugs*


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AltumHunksUnite 53M

5/1/2006 8:46 am

Pretty straight forward. Nice job.

Let me drive. I like the view

rm_Kingcat4U2 65M
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5/1/2006 2:03 pm

Good job! I don't think it gets any more explicit than that.

elysianpleasure 47M

5/1/2006 6:26 pm

Nice list... I am always amazed when I read this how much I feel I have in common with the writer.

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