Sex is like....  

softnlush 53F
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6/4/2006 5:25 pm

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6/7/2006 5:02 am

Sex is like....

I know this is probably a ridiculous topic,but frig it..I am going to talk about really is like a box of chocolates..the more you get it,the more you want it LOL..just try not to get too may get ill LOL ok ok just kidding about that LOL

So what is it,that urge to merge after you have awesome sex? The urge for friction and heat and wetness and stickiness,sweetness? What is it that makes us crave it,especially after a wonderful and fulfilling night of it?

I walk around at work and I will catch a glimpse in my mind of my time recently with a new image..of his face between my legs and a throb in my pussy reminds me of how good it was..then the roller coaster feeling of your stomach doing flip flops (in a good way)..a smile will come to my face and I would get the oddest looks from people *giggles*

So,when I remember,I want him..I want it..heat,lust,fire,orgasms,the taste of him..wonder if he gets the same feeling? I wonder if men think about the after effects of the sex they they sit at work and catch a glimpse in their mind,remembering her looking up at you while she was sucking your cock oooh so good? Do you get flip flops in your belly when you remember how she felt around your cock as you fucked her? Do you remember and smile to yourself when you think about tasting her? Does it make you want her again? That moment right there if it were physically possible to fuck her,do you crave her?

I crave it..I crave how I felt when he licked me,how he tasted when he is so unreal to me that I get like this..but this is me,I am truly a sexual being..I enjoy it,the feeling of him inside me,the feeling of cumming on his tongue,his face and him loving every drop. There is nothing like the feeling of unadulterated is what make me feel alive..I know most people think love is what does it..and maybe so..but for me..I love the feeling of lust,of passion..the heat between 2 is what makes me feel sexy,desireable..wanted..sated.

Love..hmmm..I do not think I am made for it..I like my freedom and I like sharing my time with a gentleman I am comfortable with..I see nothing wrong with is just he and one else,2 consenting adults enjoying eachother,why does love have to be thrown into the mix?? Perhaps one day I will fall in love with someone,I am certainly not against it..but right now,I just want to enjoy perfect lust..that is really all I am looking for..why can't I have it with just 1 person? Is that not allowed? Does it always have to mean more than it is? Was I wired incorrectly?

I guess it is true for me..having sex,makes me want sex..feeling lust makes me crave lust..why is it ok for men to think that way,but if a woman does..well,there is something wrong with her? I have women friends who do not understand me at all.."why do you just want to fuck someone?" "don't you miss having a man in your life full time" "what is wrong with you?"..there is nothing wrong with me trust me on this..I enjoy sex and I do not have to feel love to enjoy it fully..I do not need a full time man simply so I can say,I have a boyfriend..blech..not now..I just do not have it in me..not now!!!

And for me it is not about the fuck..not at all..I experience a closeness with my partner when I share myself with him..I just do not feel the need to plan a future with him ..that is all,I want to enjoy him for what it the here and now and not set myself up for disappointment when it does not go the way I "planned"..been there..done that..for what? Nothing based on my experiences..nothing at all.

I say..stop worrying about sharing your future simply because you are afraid to be alone..relish your freedom..enjoy your womanhood..enjoy your sex..enjoy your partner and accept it for what it is,if you can do will see,it can be even more than you wanted..without worrying about what the future may or may not is OK to fuck someone you do not is OK to lust for someone that may or may not be there a month from is OK to persue a is OK



rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
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6/4/2006 6:41 pm

So, are you like expecting someone here to disagree with you?
Even the great bard Shakespeare said to "Gather ye rosebuds
while ye may." Our time here seems to be pityfully short,
and halcyon days even shorter.

LookandWink 63M

6/4/2006 7:40 pm

Big Applause!!!!! What else can you add to perfection?

rm_widgetwiz 58M

6/5/2006 1:51 pm

Well said. If I only knew then what you know now...

heavensent1123 52F

6/7/2006 4:01 am

I have to admit there are plenty of times that I really do miss that. The uncomplicated aspect of "just dating", being able to date as many guys as you want as you aren't looking for anything permanent. I had that for such a short time after I moved here, sometimes I'm not really sure why I ended up wanting more than just to be able to go out with whomever I wanted, if you hooked up great if you didn't also great.
Sometimes, I think if I could do it all over again I wouldn't be in such a rush for a monogamous thing, while just dating had it's own complications at least I was bored.

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