Saturday the day after Friday  

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7/22/2006 5:27 am
Saturday the day after Friday

Tonight is the sex toy party..should be interesting,also is the birthday celebration of a co-worker so we are heading to some greek joint for food,music and mayhem..bucfannn and PhoenixBlu are joining me..should be good times..feels like I have not been out in FOREVER!!

I was looking through the sex toy pamphlet that was handed out...nothing reallllly perked any interest,but since I already committed I am going,I can get much better things at the TODD,but one never knows if something is screaming to be bought..shit..I will buy it..a girl can never have enough battery operated least in my thinking that is the case.

Spoke to my team leader off the cuff,since to date,I have not had my one on one..and I am concerned about all the "counselling" that most of my team is going for,if you recall I mentioned in a previous blog,that is the first step on the way to termination..but,usually once that is done,counselling that is,problem is solved,no one fired and everyone improving their scores. But I was still concerned,I have already proven myself with transactions,adherence and the customer survey that I am doing better than will I be counselled? So I asked and she said,nope you are not on the list..whew..she also said I was holding both the 1st and 2nd place on big surprise I left pleased actually.

One thing about me and work is much as I like carrying on with my co-workers during down times..I am extremely focused..when I am at work..I want to get the job done,quickly and efficiently..I think the problems my co-workers are having is they like to socialize all day..yea,I hear them laughing,and joking around and they all are practically begging me to move my seat closer to much as I probably would like that,the fact is where I sit is extremely conducive to keeping my transactions up..and that is what I want to do consistantly. So,no,will not be looking to change my seat anytime soon..though when we are back in our original office after the rehab,I am sure that will change..but I will talk to my team leader about putting me a bit apart from everyone else,not for any other reason but to keep my pace going.

My love life..well,I have none..FWB is still in the states YAY..but he is not in THIS state..awwww..again,there was someone showing interest but,well,a little hesitant to go there with him..he probably can scratch my itch real real good,just not sure how itchy I am when it comes to him..I will plan to meet him face to face and see if the juices flow around his pressence,if it doesn't,I made YET another pal..not bad,but how many men pals that are adorable does a girl really need?

So sex toys and greek stuff..should be interesting..I heard from FWB that the place is actually alot of fun,they have belly dancers (ok well I am not INTO belly dancers persay,but I do love watching them dance,it is very sexy)..dancing on the tables,and from the website very pretty people for people watching. Since my leg is still not ready to be dancing on tables..I suspect this will be a nice night of people watching and getting to know my co-workers on a different level.

Oh and one more thing..I am finally getting this mane of hair chopped..and I am TERRIFIED!! Ok,this is why..I do not have the best hair to work with is the number one issue..finding someone who actually cares about my hair is another..I found him in NY..for 20 yrs been going to him,when in NY..I go to him..if I could afford to fly him here every 6 would be Blu takes me to a place over a year ago who does her daughters hair..and I let this woman butcher my took about 3 weeks before I could actually get it to do what I wanted it to do..but then I got scared and did not cut it it is waaaaaaaaaaay out of control..too thick,too many dead end..etc I ask around..anyone know anyone? blah blah..well bucfannn reccommened her hair person and made me an today at 3pm..with bucfannn holding my hand,I attempt to trust another with my hair..and yep..I am skeered..very skeered..if it comes out bad..this could actually stop me from going out tonight..yes,if my hair looks like shit..I am going NO pray for me folks..pray for me indeed


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