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softnlush 53F
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5/19/2006 5:12 am
Random Musings

So I wrote perfect lust yesterday,I woke up really horny and remembering in vivid detail the chat on the phone with FWB,which was the motivation behind that post..then decided,he needs to know exactly how I want it to go ..so I cut and paste and emailed it to him *giggles*..knowing him,when he reads it..he will be having a nice tent in the front of his pants..oh the vision of it..*licks her lips*.

This weekend seems like it will be slow again..not happy about it..no one seems to want to do anything and I have been working longer hours and getting home late and except for checking on posts and emails...I have not been online..get home,get undressed,crawl into bed and crash..it has been like this for almost a month now..and it is getting me down..I told my boss I am feeling like I am on burn out mode..and when I get like this..I am not a happy camper.

The good news..next weekend I believe is memorial day weekend..so I have monday off..hopefully seeing a special friend I have and heading to a group function to watch grown men beat the crap out of eachother. The following weekend,a group outing at work,my job paid for all of us to go to a baseball game..so someone wrote my name on the go list (I never would have) and basically said "now you cannot get out of it and since I dislike almost everyone there,I had to add you so I would be able to sit with someone I actually like"..then found out a couple of other gals that I get along with were going as well,so I am gonna pick one up on the way..and let her drive to the place since I have NO idea how to get there,and we will pick up the other 2 gals as well..should be an ok day..I just wish I was seeing a Met game tho,but doubt that will happen in Tampa.

Therapy today..down to 2x a week but now I have to see the other therapist,the one that will start making me use the leg again..not looking forward to this..for some reason I think it is gonna hurt alot..but I will know more in about an hour or so..wish me luck.

Oh and about that perfect lust..it WILL happen..just do not know when..he needs to get his ass home..just not this week..aunt flow is in town..oh well

Happy friday


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