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8/9/2006 7:22 am

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8/11/2006 4:32 am


Well ROCKSTAR Supernova never disappoints..and except for 1 performer,I think everyone was excellent..

But,as everyone knows I am extremely biased and I am rooting for my girl,Dilana..she performed We Don't get fooled again by the Who and had Gilby Clarke on stage with her and she was fantastic and the band acknowledged that what they saw was not an audition..but a rock show!! They also told her,you have proven to us our band can be fronted by a woman..and yea,she has what it takes,she really does..

Jill did very well too,she is a gorgeous woman,but I just do not see her fronting this band.

The Men,we have some hotties..yes indeedy we do,but honestly..I just do not see them fronting this band either..Lukas surprised me last night,he really is quite the entertainer,he has a great voice,his look is great..but again,he does not seem to "fit" with the rest of the group..I see him more with a more alternative band,something else..not Supernova..

Then we have the PuertoRican diva herself Zayra or whatever her name is..great looking,great clothes,she has massive confidance..problem is..she cannot sing..not on her best day will she be able to front this band..her accent is annoying,you know how some people with accents,do not sound like they have an accent when they sing? Well..she has a really heavy accent when she sings,so she kinda butchers the song..but I will give her kudos on her stage pressence and her clothes..the girl knows how to change things up and I think they reason why she is never voted off (even tho she ends up in the bottom 3 almost every week),is because the guys love to see what she will wear and what she will amuse themselves..but one day,Tommy will say,sorry darlin but you have to leave.

They guys from Australia and Rejykavic(sp) were pretty good too..I was impressed by almost all of the "rockers" but I still think,call me crazy..I think Dilana is getting the gig..I really do

Happy hump day


darubagrumpypant 48M
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8/10/2006 9:35 pm

ah.. i'm such a sucker for supernova

but it a total coup d'etaite. I mean, it's idol, for the rockers.


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