Pondering with a Headache..  

softnlush 53F
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4/29/2006 6:14 am

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5/15/2006 4:58 am

Pondering with a Headache..

I just do not get it...maybe I never will..but I am really beginning to think there is something wrong with me,that everyone in the world can see other than me..

I really cannot get into it all that much..but all I have to say is ..I don't get it!!!!


rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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4/29/2006 8:22 am

YOU? I sure as shit don't get it either.

Cripes almighty. My stomach is still churning...

lifes2short069 48M
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4/29/2006 6:03 pm

ahhhh. since i dont know what you are talking about, i'll just give you a big HUG and hope it makes you feel better.

ttyl l8r m8 L2S

heavensent1123 52F

4/30/2006 6:09 am

Stop That!!!!!! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you, there is however something wrong with other people that judge you based on snap decisions and they don't bother getting to know you. Do you actually even want to be with that person???? Girl, the male to female ratio on this site is gloriously swayed in our favor, take advantage of that fact and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

softnlush replies on 4/30/2006 7:44 am:
I think I may have my very own Mrs horseface too lol lol wonder if they are the same one?????

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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4/30/2006 7:44 am

i have no idea what you're talking about either but let me be the first one to say..of course there's something wrong with you!

softnlush replies on 4/30/2006 8:49 am:
LOL I think so too..

rm_Kingcat4U2 64M
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4/30/2006 3:05 pm

I have no idea what you're talking about either. However, that never stopped me from opening my yap. From the little bit I could glean from
Heavensent's message, and using my Female/male calculator, I have determined that there is 99.99% possibility that there is nothing wrong with you whatsoever! Sometimes dealing with what other people are thinking is akin to the missing sock in the dryer. You know it's there somewhere, but damn if you can find it.

heavensent1123 52F

4/30/2006 4:05 pm

Frumpy doesn't love me anymore, ok frumpy, if you really loved me you'd tell me, whats wrong with me???

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
428 posts
4/30/2006 9:45 pm

    Quoting heavensent1123:
    Frumpy doesn't love me anymore, ok frumpy, if you really loved me you'd tell me, whats wrong with me???
good lord woman where do i start the list? LOL

toothysmile 50M
16515 posts
5/1/2006 4:21 am

there 's nothing wrong with you dear...
just one of those days...
tomorrow you 'll be fine.

elysianpleasure 47M

5/1/2006 6:28 pm

Just when I think I got it... I realize I don't have it all.

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