Perfect Lust  

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5/18/2006 7:32 am

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5/29/2006 7:32 am

Perfect Lust

Come to me baby,tell me what you me how you missed me,kiss me hard,deep,long,slow,hot.

Look at me in that way,the way that tells me all I need to know,your eyes on fire,your cock straining against your pants,begging for release,but not yet,not yet.

I step away just out of reach,you move closer,dying for a touch,I smile and lick my lips,I see your pants getting tighter,you reach again and I let you.

You pull me close,my pelvis against your hardness,you kiss me again,harder,then move to my neck,you bite,I groan,you suck,I moan.

Your hand on my breast,kneading,soft then hard,urgent,you pull my top down and move lower to suck my hard aching nipple.."mmm baby,nice" I whisper.

You pull my top off and on your knees you peel off my pants,leaving my panties on,you sit my down and rub my pussy,the little piece of nylon keeping you just so,away from my wetness,though you feel it on the fabric.."so wet" you moan as you pull them off to the side and run your finger between my shaved lips..I spread wider for more.

Your turn to tease now,as you rub my hard bud for a brief moment and then stand up before me,my face just at the right level,you unzip your pants and step out of them,my mouth waters..I see your cock straining against your boxer briefs and I reach my hand in,and slowly pull you out.

I pull them off and hold you gently but firmly with my right hand,I cup your balls with my left and slowly run my tounge around the head of your gorgous hard cock,you look at me so intently as I look upwards with my eyes,as I,at the same time take you in,inch by inch.."suck that cock girl" you groan and I eagerly do as I am told..sucking the head then down to the shaft,rubbing your balls and stroking with my right hand. You wrap your finger in my thick mane of hair and hold me down as my lips reach to your base,you slowly fuck my mouth,moving faster as you get closer.

I pull you out "not so fast Mr",there is something I need first..he smiles knowingly,as I move up onto my bed,I take my hand and reach into my panties and I start stroking myself..I pull a wet finger out and stick it in your mouth.."like it baby? there is more where that came from" pull of my panties,spread my legs and kiss my honey pot,full on my hole and then up towards my clit,I hold my breath for a second as I feel your tongue slowly lick my clit in soft circles..I spread wider and look at you,telling you "feels so good,don't stop"

I lay back and let it happen,as you slowly suck my clit and stop briefly to lick my hole "god your pussy tastes good" you say,and then you part me with your fingers,time to make me cum I know it,as you slowly but firmly suck up and down the middle of my pussy,licking again in circles on my clit and finally sucking it,I explode in wave after wave of exctasy,flooding your mouth with my juice and when you came up for air,what a smile on your face.."you taste delicious baby"..I pull you up and say.."your turn" and I lay you down and kiss you,deeply,tasting myself on you,licking off your chin,moving down to your neck,your chest,your stomach..and there you are,still hard,wanting..waiting.

I walk over to my counter and bend over "this is really what you want,isn't it?" and you walk over,rubbing your cock against my pussy,taking my wetness and then I feel the head against my asshole,I bite my lip as I feel it enter,slowly "relax baby" you whisper in my ear and I do,you pull it out,replace it with your finger,easing me open,then replaced it with the head of your cock..slowly you enter,I groan the pain is just a second and I relax,you slowly move in and out as I relax around you. "I wanted this ass for so long" you grunt as you go a little faster..I use my fingers on my clit..I want to feel this,I want this..I want to reward you for your fine job of licking my are one step ahead of me,you found my little finger vibe and placed it on,reaching around you find my clit..I am moaning now,between pleasure and pain as you pump faster into my ass.."I am close baby" I hear you say as you concentrate the toy on my throbbing sense me tightening up as I reach my peak and when I hit it,you loudly moan "oh yea I am gonna cum,here it cums" and you let loose in my I cum and my contractions tighten around your cock..I drain collapse on me..finally you get up and go to my bed..I join you,I nestle into that space between your shoulder and your chest and we rest,spent,sated.

I look up at you and you smile at me,"welcome home baby" and we fall asleep....

Yep,I see it going just that way when he gets back..yes indeedy *soft smiles*

Happy Thursday


wickedeasy 66F  
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5/18/2006 9:10 am


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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5/18/2006 10:04 pm

Hello and may we come and pleasure you over and over !! You are awesome love your writtings !!

LookandWink 63M

5/19/2006 7:09 am

I love your style ... sensual and intense. I can feel the sensation of your orgasm.

alamo1235 58M
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5/20/2006 4:41 am

What a welcome back. Awesome.

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