Ok it took 2 whole days!!!!  

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8/1/2005 4:45 pm

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Ok it took 2 whole days!!!!

I am now officially over my 2 day hangover..can you imagine..2 whole days feelings like something crawled into my mouth and died?..but so worth it,let me tell ya allll about it..

Saturday night a going away party for someone who is leaving the country..there was only 2 or 3 people I knew but f**k it..who cares?? The drinks were awesome and plentiful and as people from the party were leaving it was down to My friend and the person (a single guy but my friend dug him long story and I cannot share that one)leaving,and another couple and me..the 5th wheel..the single gal..the one that most women dread..not because of anything but the fact that I am single..sheesh..well,my best friend decides we are gonna do blow job shots..never done one and figured..what the hell..so we did..3 of them..after 7 alabama slammers..well that was alot of booze even for me lol..but during the night she and I would dance..then she and I and the wife would dance and then I came back to the table to cool off and the guy leaving and the husband pounced..verbally that is..sexual questions blah blah and being drunk and having fun ..I answered..the wife and my best friend come back and I concentrate on them..I am all for the girlfriend moments..boys are not allowed when I am in that frame of mind..but the guys were loving it,the married guy watching his wife do the shot,the single guy watching my friend and I do ours..and me being the exhibitionist in me,enjoying all of them watching me..it was a fun night..then all of us went to the dance floor,the 3 girls grinding breasts and lightly touching faces and asses and the guys watching,sporting wood from what I could see too..it was funny..and fun..the funny part was the husband and wife,she seemed very sensual from how she danced with both men and even how she danced with myself and my bestfriend,but she and her hubby took an interest in chatting me up about sexual things I liked and again I answered,I told them I have no issues talking about sex,I will answer whatever I am asked as long as it is something I can indeed answer. The end of the night came and the wife took me to the side and I was like oh no..did I cross over a line I had not intended? Well,she said she was very happy to meet me but now I set her up to have to perform for her extremely horny man LOL ..I told her,do whatever makes you feel good but remember the power in the blow job,she smiled and us girls agreed to a night out dancing without the boys..oh one more thing the hubby asked,he asked how long I was into girls LOL LOL..imagine his face falling when I said,I have never been with a woman..I am open to it (not with them persay,just not my type actually) but I have never indulged..I think my behavior led to them thinking other wise,and that is fine,but when I dance I am very sensual and sexual,I let myself go and I like to have a good time with it..can lead to trouble,but I like that kind of trouble..hey if they had a hot night between them over watching me do shots,watching me dance and the answers to the questions..then I feel very good about that ..I had hoped that my gentleman friend was not really out of town and would show up..but,noooooo..when I got home I got into my sleepware,turned on the boob tube and passed out..sunday..useless I was..today..most of the day..sick,but now I am feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! I leave for NY in 3 days..for 4 days and back to FLA..if I have anything else innane to talk about..it will be here..hope you can make sense of what I wrote..

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