My brother in law is a low life asshole aka My Trip to NYC  

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8/6/2005 6:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My brother in law is a low life asshole aka My Trip to NYC

AAAAAAH that felt so good to type,this is probably going to be a long blog,cause I am mighty pissed off. My sister just had her 3rd child 9 days ago, I wanted to meet my new nephew and see my other 2 little boys and my sister for a few days and attend the Bris and 4 days in NY was really all I could afford..I arrived and the second my brother in law walks in,he is screaming at my sister ..I bite my lips..she has the baby on her breast and he is literally screaming at her..I bite my lip again..he and I run errands and i lightly asked him "what is the pay off for you with all the screaming?" he said "I really hate to yell like that" I said well there has to be something in it for you because you do it alllll the time (and I mean all the time I have witnessed his verbal spewing towards my sister since before they got married-AFTER they got engaged)I said well,it is not healthy-the kids do not even flinch when his voice booms like that -my guts twist when he does..Yesterday is the Bris and it is kind of a stressful time,you have a house full of people that are witnessing your baby,well,it is not pleasant is what I will say..and my brother paid for a ton of food and it arrived and people are eating,and my sister is feeding her child and her husband is still screaming about 1 thing or another and everyone who knows him makes fun of him and he does not care..that afternoon,he takes the older kids with one of their friends and their kids out for a few hours,a couple of other people show up and we are quietly hanging,these 2 people,my sister and her newborn and me..nice mellow,nice flow..its all good..

Then HE comes home..and I guess he feels the need to scream again..he goes into the kitchen..there are 3 boxes that were not opened with food in he starts screaming at my sister again "are you a fucking moron? am I the only one with brains in this house?" so I try to deflect him off her and i take the food that we have NO room for in their fridge and bring it to the basement where his elderly uncle lives and ask him to hold it..then I go into my sisters room to chat with her as she is feeding the baby..and I hear him screaming again.."what moron left sandwiches on the table all day???" sister and I just rolled our eyes,the sandwiches were left out because when the other people leave she wants them to take what they want as we had NO room for them in the fridge..but I said,what is the worst case scenario? If anything goes bad..chuck it!! Meanwhile he is eating of the said sandwiches..then my sister comes out with baby in arms and joins us,her friends are about to leave and he starts mumbling again in the kitchen about how he is the only person in the house with brains,why no one can put away the food blah blah and he my sister..who just birthed his child again..he says for all of us to hear " you are so fucking stupid" my sister snapped,she handed me her baby and went into the kitchen she said you will speak to me with respect and then she slapped him and went to go back to her room..but he had to be a dick and once again he says.."yea you are a stupid cunt" well I heard that and I said "My God can't you just not have the last word,can you not scream at my sister for 1 whole hour of 1 whole day?" well,he came out (keep in mind I still have the baby)and said "and you,you stupid cunt,why are you here? to freeload off me? my marriage was perfect till you got here you lazy cunt" I placed the child in her friends arms and got up and punched him..aimed for his face but he flinced and I got him in the arm,he grabbed my neck to push me away from him but with my 2 hands I then grabbed his throat and caught myself and just pushed him around..he said,you are a slut..and you are disgusting and your sister did not even want you here..I was like..whatever but remember this,when my sister walks out on you and she will one day..i will still be her sister,you will just be the piece of shit that she made a long mistake with..he said " I am a piece of shit" I said "YOU ARE A LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT" give some background,since this man placed his rock on my sisters left hand..he has attacked my mother (verbally) my step dad,his 2 daughters,my brother and myself(all verbally again) he has thrown me out of his car in the middle of crossbay BLVD in queens knowing I had no place and no way to get home(anyone from queens knows that blvd) and out of respect for my sister I have let it slide off my back for years..over and over with every transgression ..this time was the time he broke that camels back with that proverbial far as I am concerned as of 920pm last night my sister for all intents and purposes has become a widow in my eyes,I will not ever step foot in their home,I will not ever speak or look at him again,he is dead to me and shall remain that was my visit to NYC...and why I just cannot ever go back again

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8/12/2005 7:03 am

Some guys just need to be dead to entire world.

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