Morning calling..and I am thirsty  

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2/4/2006 7:59 pm

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Morning calling..and I am thirsty

I wake up after spending most of the night and morning sharing with you,I look to my left and I watch you as you sleep,your chest rising and falling softly and I watch as your dreams cause a faint smile to cross your lips. I smile to myself and run my finger across your chest,you stir..I lower my hand to feel you,soft and growing in my hand as I softly stroke you.

I lower my lips onto you as you sleep and you grow even more in my hungry mouth,you moan softly as I slowly stroke the length of your hardness with my mouth. You softly grab my hair and I focus solely on your pleasure,you are trying to wake now and thrusting yourself as I fuck you with my mouth "god I am gonna cum" you barely say it as a whisper,your voice groggy as you are still half asleep,but your cock is alive and about to erupt release your sweet cream down my throat,holding my head on it as your spasm subside,you pull me up and kiss me softly and you murmer "morning baby"..I lay down next to you,you pull me close and I rest my head on that sweet spot somewhere between your shoulder and your chest,and we fall asleep again..

I love waking up that way with you. I love getting you hard and making you cum and then lying in your arms.

mmmmmm..sweet dreams baby..sweet dreams


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