Leave your door unlocked...a memory..  

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6/22/2006 6:53 am

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7/30/2006 2:36 pm

Leave your door unlocked...a memory..

FWB and I,well,we have this thing we do,if he comes home late from wherever he has been,usually on a military aircraft..so time is when he gets here..it can be at a decent hour,or it can be before the sun rises..when he knows he is coming,he sends me a message "leave your door unlocked"..now,it is not all the time,but yea I do it..risky? could be but doubtful..so it plays out like this....

He calls or IM's..instructions read and I do what I gotta do,check the pussy make sure it is all shaven just the way he likes it,and go on with my night and head to bed..unlock the door,eventually fall out into coma zone.

All of the sudden the blanket,sheet or whatever is covering my body is pulled away and before I can get my bearings he is on me,hands covering my mouth "don't scream,don't make a sound",with his other hand frantically removing what I may be wearing (in this case a cami top with matching bottoms-other times just panties),and he enters me..mmmmmm..pulls out and kisses me..then grabs my arms and holds them over my head..he has a very firm grip,he is very strong,my eyes focus and I see his face,filled with animal lust,I like when he looks like that,it is as obvious as his hard cock..he straddles my face and force feeds me his hardness and I love it as he pumps my face..finally pulling out and entering me again..we meet eachothers thrusts,he is groaning and grunting and I am moaning and writhing under him,we slow down a bit,enjoying the feeling of our parts fitting together so perfectly,he reaches his hand down and rubs my clit,slowly,then a little more firmly,my legs begin shaking,close now..he stops..pulls his cock out and rubs the head on my on the verge of exploding clit..and when it happens,just before the last contraction,he puts himself back inside me "you feel sooo good" he moans as he pumps slow,then faster and faster..he is close.."where do you want it?"..everywhere I moan as he pulls out,shoots on my belly,my tits,in my open mouth,I wrap my lips around him milking his last drop..he softens as I do so,pulls out of my mouth slowly,and crawls over me to lay down beside me..pulls me towards him,hugging me tightly..we rest for a few,then my hand travels downwards..still kinda sticky..but it is alive,growing as my fingers stroke,I kiss his lips softly..his neck..his chest..his belly..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...and it begins again..

He mentioned last chat,he was coming back soon..hopefully he will send a message.."Leave your door unlocked"..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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6/22/2006 7:11 am


I know you've told me all of this before, but.... *gulp*

I would fricking LOVE that!!!

LookandWink 63M

6/22/2006 12:11 pm

Oh My!!! Sounds delightful!!!

1Sir_Lancelot 60M

6/23/2006 12:22 am

WOW!!!! Now that's something I'll have to try.... providing I can find a willing partner

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