Leave your door unlocked....  

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6/28/2006 3:48 am

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6/28/2006 6:19 pm

Leave your door unlocked....

Well,earlier than expected I was asleep and in my dreams heard my phone ringing,woke up and caught it before voice mail took over..it was him,"leave your door unlocked"..jumped in the shower really quick,did my thang and headed back to bed and pretty much fell out almost immediatly..then,the blankets pulled off,him on me..passion,heat,fire,pounding on my flesh(in a good way),orgasm,another and another,his comes soon after,we lie together,me nestled in his arms and I ask,are you going away again? He confirms it.

He is heading out for the dangerous part of his job,in approximately 2 weeks,he should be back in town during these 2 weeks but not for long,and off he goes..there..far..dangerous..my heart is pounding and I am fighting back my emotions and as he was talking about it..it happened..I started crying,in front of him..I never did that before and he did not know what to make of it,hugging me and reassuring me that he is going to be ok,and if he is not,it was the way it was meant to go..and I could not stop,I was crying and he was trying to talk me down,trying to make me laugh..and I was not having it.

You are too old I cried..he laughed and said,there are older than me that are going with me..I said,I am grasping at straws here..I do not want anything bad to happen to you..he said,well I am gonna make sure nothing bad happens..I will do my best.. I asked how will I know? He said,you probably won't andI am sorry for that..and I said,I cannot deal with that..again he said,there is no one that can tell you ,I am sorry..and I said what about your friend who used to IM me when you were away last time,he said,he cannot do that at this point..things going on with him and he is not in the loop anymore..he will know way after it happened,which means I would know even later..my heart sank..I made him promise to contact me during these 2 weeks..and to try to see me before he flies off to that part of the world..he said if he can,he will for sure,then he proceeded to get out of bed and get ready to go back...not yet,as I stroked his cock,feeling it harden in my hand.

I slowly moved my lips onto him and took him in,sucking and stroking until he released down my throat..he called out as he came,his legs shaking,his fingers twisted in my hair..he softens and releases from my lips..takes a shower,gets dressed and I walk him to my door,in his arms,I kiss him..ask him to call me if he can before he leaves today..he will try..he thanks me for making him feel good,kisses me again and off he goes to his car..and here I am blogging,instead of trying to sleep for another hour..I already am scared for him and he is not going for another 2 weeks give or take a day.

I know this is his job,he is good at it,I do not know everything he does,he cannot tell me,but I know I do not want him where he is going to be...and I am terrified that if this was not the last time I see him,the next time if he sees me before he leaves,could very well be the last time I ever lay eyes on him..and I will never know what happens to him..does anyone have any idea how that makes someone feel? I am not his immediate family..I am just his lover...if anything happens to him..I have to rely on someone telling me who may not know until days/weeks or months after..and then I get to grieve? I hope against hope that he will be as alert as he seems to always be..and I have to pray that he will be ok over there..but I will never know until my phone rings and I hear that voice..leave your door unlocked..

What if I never hear it again?


LookandWink 63M

6/28/2006 5:57 am

I know we are just fleeting aquaintances here, but I understand your fear. Not knowing where he is and what he is doing leaves a hard knot in your chest. Sometimes it's hard to breath. But consider this. You had a fantastic lover last night! Many, many people here would give anything to have that experience. You also have more people than you know who read your words and, even if they don't reply, think of you, hoping your love returns safely to your arms.

You are with family here. So, from one of many who wishes you well, here's a big hug!

softnlush replies on 6/28/2006 6:37 am:
thank you for your wishes

rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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6/28/2006 5:59 am


There is nothing I can say. You know where to find me if you need me...anytime...........

softnlush replies on 6/28/2006 6:36 am:
I am so upset I cannot even tell ya Cat..this just sucks,it totally sucks!!!

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