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softnlush 53F
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4/6/2006 6:37 am

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4/22/2006 3:53 pm

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Well someone in my family decided that I was being lax in seeing a lawyer about my accident and took it upon herself to contact one for me..

They called this morning and I told them the truth,that I do not think I have a case,my injuries are not life altering and except for the fact that I am inconvenienced leg,physical therapy 3x a week,lost wages of 1 week (tho they are working on that),no car and some pain here and there (not neck or back)..they seem to think I have someone is coming to my apartment to talk to I feel weird.

I am not about lawyers and that stuff,I do not believe in frivilous lawsuits and I think the world is way too sue happy..but with that being said..maybe I do have a case against the driver..maybe even the parking lot owners in my complex..I heard thru the grapevine there was many accidents there,due to how it is set up,no speed bumps..and views are not so great due to signs,landscaping and trees.

So yes,I will meet with this representative,I do not get charged a penny if I lose and they get a 1/3 if I win..perhaps her insurance company will settle and if it is fair (and no I am not asking for millions or even thousands..but I would like to assure things are paid..promptly in full without a red penny out of my pocket..and perhaps recap lost wages and any medical that seems to be coming towards me in the form of bills ..which to be honest is pissing me off that I am even getting them,since her insurance company assured me they were taking care of my deductibles)..I heard from her insurance company once..2 days after my accident and not a word since,the driver,she works with me,has not even walked over to my desk just to say hello,how are you? nothing..which leads me to believe perhaps she sought a lawyer (for what I have no idea) but perhaps to be ready and prepared is the way to go.

To say I feel confidant in this decision would not be accurate,in fact,the opposite is true..I am lucky to be able to have all my apendages work (save for the leg but it will get better),that I did not lose an eye,that I was not in a coma..that I was able to for all intents and purposes walk away from this car..totalled..but my body pretty much I have a right to sue,after all my insurance company did everything they were supposed to do and promptly..but I still don't know where her insurance company stands on this..I do not want a bill a year or 2 from now because I did not see something coming. I have discussed this subject with anyone who would listen and it is around 70/30 that I should see an attorney..I didn't and a family member did.

I guess I do not want to be perceived as the "bad guy" hungry..looking to take advantage..but,at the same time,what if I do not do this and something down the line comes up and now I am screwed because I wanted to be the "nice guy" I will see where this path takes me.

Any advice?


rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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4/6/2006 6:52 am

Well, we've talked about this. Actually, I was stunned you didn't have PTO or something equivalent for the lost wages at work... I'm in agreement, as to this being a sue happy society. However, there are things you need to re-coup on. 1. CAR (and you weren't even offered a rental). 2. Medical bills. WTF? Why should you be getting the bills at all??? 3. Lost wages, well, I won't retierate.

What harm will it do to talk to them more... none, I don't think. Do it. You'd be sorry in the end, if you didn't.

And this co-worker? She has balls. I'd be hard pressed not to punch her dead in the face. That alone would make my mind up about retaining counsel...

softnlush replies on 4/6/2006 7:00 am:
I am not sure what pto is..but..I know my insurance company is covering 60% of my salary for days lost..problem is..they are going by the doctors report and not the week before..which I had to lose 4 vacation days in order to get job is working on salary continuation and I should know more next week or the next if I got it..and should get retro pay if I do..which will cover the same said week..since I took 4 days off the week of my accident..without a doctors slip (the ER said I could go back to work that day..guess they did not notice I could barely walk out of the facility when they finally released me at 4am the next morning)..I know it does not hurt to look into it and again,I lose nothing in the end...but I am still not comfortable with it.

softnlush 53F

4/6/2006 7:04 am

I am not assuming she has a lawyer..but I just think,perhaps she was "advised" not to talk to me..and it could be just guilt..perhaps she cannot face me..but since I do not know..I have to just guess..those are my 2 guesses..

mjtrcc 53M

4/6/2006 8:01 am

Shell, I couldn't agree more that we are an overly litigious society, but that's all the more reason to protect your interests. Having an attorney on your side working on contingency to make sure you don't get screwed is hardly "money hungry", especially since the other driver and her insurance company appear to have clammed up on you. You are, after all, the injured party.

*big hug*

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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4/7/2006 8:57 am

i dont think you'll get enough after the lawyers fee to bother. My father was cut off by a school bus, broke his neck, had to get his vertibrae fused, was out of work for 6+ months and kept 75k out of the settlement. I really dont think you'd even see $10,000 out of this. Maybe its just me saying its not worth the hassle, but i dont think its worth the hassle LOL

softnlush 53F

4/7/2006 9:45 am

It probably is not worth the hassle but I just have a very bad feeling and it costs me nothing to talk to the I will I told them,don't even think I have a case..but whatever..see ya tomorrow night and you better be there


lawman_chris 46M
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4/7/2006 1:41 pm

It never hurts to consult a good lawyer Ms. Lush. I am not an injury lawyer, so I can give no consul, however listen to what they have to say, it may surprise you. I just hope it's not an "Ask Gary" lawyer. Unfortunately, they do not have the best reputation. And you are 100% correct in your assesment of why your co-worker has not said a word to you. She was most likely instructed my her Insurance Company and her Ins. Company's lawyer to stay away from you, and say nothing. You see her simply saying I'm sorry, could be seen as an admission of guilt by a crafty lawyer. It is a shame that we have come to that, that we cannot apologize for our actions, without the apology being used against us. Ms. Lush, I wish you the best, and hope your recovery is progressing as it should.

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