Kinda weirded post..still weirded out though  

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11/20/2005 5:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Kinda weirded post..still weirded out though I must have been reading several peoples blogs that I am following..and for some reason when I went to sleep I had the hottest sex dream about 2 people from our tasa family..yes..I did..there was lesbian action and fmf action going on..NO I am not naming how did the dream go..and honestly I am not remembering the whole thing and my lucid dreaming did not come into play although I tried my damnest to change how it was going.

So I am at the M&G in my is actually someones house in the dream..and I recognize everyone except Blu was not there..she was mentioned in the dream I believe she was there I am at this M&G in this magnificant house.

I see one of the people ..a female.. and we talk about my blog and her blogs and our posts and I admit that one of her posts got me very wet and the fact that I am even talking to her made me even wetter and she asked for a feel..and I say yes (at this point my lucidity is awakened and I did try to stop this..but nooooooo I guess I was meant to experience it )and she moves her hand down the back of my pants and slips a finger in..mmmm.."want more?",she asks and I say please..yes..and while I am trying to act like this is not happening and everyone at the M&G are acting how they always act and not even making notice of my squirming which has now become a started off as couch..turned into me standing at the bar with this woman behind me..all of a sudden a man takes notice and he begins playing with my tits..sucking my nipples and she is fingering me for all she is worth..then she pulls my pants down and pushes me back and makes me sit..on what has now become a vanity table..everyone is now stopped dead in their tracks watching me and I am tryin to change this dream and it is not happening..the gentleman in question moves behind me and hold my legs apart.and maneuvers himself into me and urges her to make me cum orally while he fucks me.. she smiles and licks his balls (how I see this is beyond me but she is doing it and I can see it happening)then licks his cock as it goes in and out of me,licking me off him and as soon as her tongue found my clit..I cum,he cums and she just sucked it all down and just when he is done with me he starts to fuck her and she wants me to do the same to her..I move my head down and all of a sudden I wake up..dang it.. don't ya just hate when that happens will never tell who it was..well maybe to the 2 in never knows *giggles*

eroticneurotic 46M

11/24/2005 5:39 am

Happy Thanksgiving SnL!


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