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3/4/2006 7:38 pm

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Totally bored tonight,so I decided to read old posts on the main TASA board..I find it easier to click on a person of "interest"..there are 3 for me hehe..and then click on the number of posts under their name..that way you can read everything they ever posted and you can also do that with your own..and I started feeling,wow,that person and I were on the totally same wavelength,why have we not gotten farther?? More than likely if I must be honest..I blew it in some way.

One gentleman in particular responded personally to a few posts I made whether in a post I started or posts that I replied to,had I read them the right way at the time,perhaps I would have looked at him in a different way..but alas I am slow..I eventually did get to know him in someways and unfortunatly for me,did not go as I hoped,due to something I may have said or done..and I feel bad about that..but que sera sera.

Another gentleman,well I apparantly missed a couple of light hearted posts that appeared to be asking or at least hinting at sharing a specialty of mine..and well,slow again..and too late..drat!!

Another I did not think about in that way at all,until I decided to take this little journey into TASA post nostalgia and now well,too late again..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I am thinking of the first gentleman again in "THAT" way and remembering somethings that were pretty delicious and now I am just pissed off at myself again...damn damn double damn..what if I see him again..will I physically be affected by his pressence? I am dreading it in a way and in another way looking forward to perhaps talking things over to at least a comfortable level of friendship. The worst part of this was I feel he was less than gentlemanly but perhaps I overreacted and that is a bad thing I do from time to time..I take things very literally and usually then I am pretty much done. I usually find out way too late that I read it all wrong and because of my reaction,they did not want nor desire to correct my incorrect thoughts.

The second gentleman..well..I doubt anything will come of anything,first off..I am not his type at all..second..well,I am not his type at all ha ha..but I will continue to look at him because he is just too hot not to want to look at him *wink*

The third guy..well,he is someone I chat with when I see him at the M&G but we are really nothing more than aquaintances,he has never approached or looked it me in "that" way,and honestly I am comfortable with that,and see no reason to muck with it will remain undercover.

I really think what I really a steady dose of vitamin S *inside joke between FWB and I* and I would not have these feelings,fantasies and thing about me..when this little girl is satisfied,she looks NOWHERE else..obviously I have an itch that needs to be scratched and would like to have someone other than me scratch it..get my drift?

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